Planning Committee


MINUTES of a meeting of the Planning Committee held at County Hall, Lewes on 19 January 2022.



PRESENT  Councillors Abul Azad, Kathryn Field, Eleanor Kirby-Green, Tom Liddiard (Chair), Barry Taylor (Vice Chair) and Trevor Webb


ALSO PRESENT BY TEAMS           Councillor Pat Rodohan

OTHER MEMBERS PRESENT        Councillor Godfrey Daniel and Councillor Julia Hilton






15.         Minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2021


15.1     The Committee approved as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2021.




16.         Apologies for absence


16.1     Councillor Rodohan was not present in the Chamber but joined the meeting via MS Teams.  He participated in the debate but did not vote on the items under discussion.




17.         Disclosures of interests


17.1     Councillor Godfrey Daniel declared a personal interest in item 5 as the holder of a Blue Badge.  He did not consider this to be prejudicial.


17.2     Councillor Trevor Webb declared a personal interest in item 5 as a Cabinet member on Hastings Borough Council which had requested a number of the proposed changes in parking restrictions.  He did not consider this to be prejudicial.  




18.         Reports


18.1     Reports referred to in the minutes below are contained in the minute book.






19.         Hastings Parking Review 2020-2021


19.1     The Committee considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport.


19.2     The following Local Members spoke on the following sites detailed in the report:


Local Member

3 – Castle Hill Road


4 – Dane Road


8 – Holmesdale Gardens


9 – Hughenden Rd


10 – Hughenden Rd


11 – Mount Pleasant Road


13 – South Street


14 – St Margarets Road and White Rock Road


15 – Stone Street



19.3     In respect of Site 6 – Hare Way, Councillor Kirby-Green reported that the Local Member, Councillor Pragnell, was in support of the officer’s recommendation.


19.4     The Committee requested that all County Councillors are reminded of the need to engage in the Traffic Regulation Order process and inform officers whether they agree with the recommendation(s) or not for proposals in their areas when contacted on this matter.


19.5     The Committee has considered the officer’s report and the comments of the local Members and agree with the conclusions and reasons for recommendations as set out in paragraph 2 of the report.


19.5     The Committee RESOLVED to (1) not uphold the objections to the draft Order; and


(2) recommend to the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport that the Order be made as advertised with a minor amendment to the written description as set out in paragraph 2.3 of the report.








The meeting ended at 11.35 am.