Meeting of

East Sussex County Council

on Tuesday, 6 February 2024

at 10.00 am





NOTE: As part of the County Council’s drive to increase accessibility to its public meetings, this meeting will be broadcast live on its website and the record archived. The live broadcast is accessible at:





To the Members of the County Council


You are summoned to attend a meeting of the East Sussex County Council to be held in the Council Chamber, at County Hall, Lewes, on Tuesday, 6 February 2024 at 10.00 am to transact the following business





Minutes of the meeting held on 10 October 2023  (Pages 5 - 18)





Apologies for absence 





Chairman's business 





Questions from members of the public 





Report of the Cabinet  (Pages 19 - 48)





Report of the Governance Committee  (Pages 49 - 50)





Report of the People Scrutiny Committee  (Pages 51 - 54)





Report of the Place Scrutiny Committee  (Pages 55 - 58)





Notice of Motion - Motion for the Ocean for East Sussex  (Pages 59 - 64)


The Chairman has directed under Standing Order 36.9 that the following Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Hilton shall stand referred to the County Council.


This Council declares an urgent need for Ocean and River Recovery.


We recognise that we need ocean recovery to meet our net zero carbon emissions targets, and we need net zero carbon emissions to recover our ocean. We also need to act as the custodians of the rivers, waterways and tributaries that run through our towns and villages on the way to the sea. We recognise that all people wherever they live, impact and are impacted by ocean and river health and that we have an essential role to play in recovering the health of our ocean.


This Council requests Cabinet to:


1.    Report to full council within 6/12 months with an ocean and river recovery strategy and action plan that delivers against transparent, measurable indicators reported to the council annually (see next section for suggestion about strategic goals and action to be taken).

2.    That the council writes to central government requesting that they put the oceans and rivers into net recovery by 2030. (full details of this letter and specific requests can be seen in the next section).






Notice of Motion - Overview and Scrutiny Chairs  (Pages 65 - 66)


The Chairman has directed under Standing Order 36.9 that the following Notice of Motion submitted by Councillor Tutt shall stand referred to the County Council.


Overview and scrutiny committees are a key strand of corporate governance and play an important role in holding the Executive to account. It is therefore proposed that Full Council agree as follows:


1.         that the Chair of each Overview and Scrutiny Committee shall be appointed from amongst the members of opposition groups;

2.         to delegate authority to each of the three Overview and Scrutiny Committees to appoint their Chair from amongst their memberships, subject to the requirement above; and

3.         that the Constitution be amended accordingly.





Questions from County Councillors 


a) Oral questions to Cabinet Members

b) Written questions of which notice has been given pursuant to Standing Order 44





Report of the East Sussex Fire Authority  (Pages 67 - 70)






Note: There will be a period for collective prayers and quiet reflection in the Council Chamber from 9.30 am to 9.45 am. The prayers will be led by the Reverend Canon Martha Mutikani, Associate Vicar of the Uckfield Plurality. The Chairman would be delighted to be joined by any members of staff and Councillors who wish to attend.


County Hall

St Anne's Crescent


East Sussex BN7 1UE



Assistant Chief Executive                                                                                    29 January 2024





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