Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Health


DECISIONS made by the Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Health, Councillor Carl Maynard, on 26 January 2021 at County Hall, Lewes


++Please note that the Lead Member joined the meeting remotely++



Councillors Barnes, Davies and Ungar  spoke on item 4 (see minute 9)


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1Decisions made by the Lead Member on 2 November 2020


6.1       The Lead Member approved as a correct record the decisions made on 2 November 2020.</AI1>


7              Disclosure of interests


7.1  There were no disclosures of interest.


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3Urgent items


8.1  There were no urgent items.


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4Newington Court Extra Care Housing Unit, Ticehurst


9.1       The Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Health considered a report providing the outcome of the consultation on the way care and support is delivered at Newington Court and proposing a change to the model of care.

9.2       The Lead Member RESOLVED to:

1.    Note the consultation responses and Equality Impact Assessment;

2.    Agree to the proposal to change the designation of Newington Court to ‘Housing with Care’, thereby de-registering the service as an Extra Care scheme, with effect from November 2021; and

3.    Delegate to the Director of Adult Social Care authority to take all necessary actions to give effect to the implementation of the above recommendation in consultation with relevant stakeholders.



The current model of care and the ongoing high level of voids at Newington Court does not represent an effective and sustainable use of resources. After taking into account the responses to the consultation and the Equality Impact Assessment, the Lead Member is recommended to agree to a change to the model of care.