Lead Member for Transport and Environment


DECISIONS made by the Lead Member for Transport and Environment, Councillor Claire Dowling, on 19 July 2021 via MS Teams



Councillors Colin Belsey and Stephen Holt spoke on item 4 (see minute 11)




8             Decisions made by the Lead Cabinet Member on 21 June 2021


8.1       The Lead Member approved as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 21 June 2021.




9             Disclosure of Interests


9.1       Councillor Stephen Holt declared a personal interest in Item 4 in that he is the Chair of the Chamber of Commerce and the organisations he works for support the petition, but he did not consider this to be prejudicial.


9.2       Councillor Colin Belsey declared a personal interest in Item 4 in that he is an attendee of the Eastbourne Accessibility Group meetings, but he did not consider this to be prejudicial. 




10           Reports


10.1     Reports referred to in the minutes below are contained in the minute book.




11           Eastbourne Town Centre Improvement Scheme Phase 2a (Terminus Road: Bankers Corner to Langney Road)


11.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport, together with a petition which had been submitted to the County Council.


11.2     Mr Andy Spirou spoke on behalf of the petitioners, to request an extension to the road closure in Bolton Road to assist with al fresco dining.


11.3     Officers confirmed that, based on available budget and without having to revisit design work, a small amendment to the scheme by extending the closure approximately 10m to the south could be accommodated without the need for further consultation or impacts on funding.  Officers further confirmed that Eastbourne Borough Council had agreed to the designation of five disabled parking bays in Hyde Gardens, which would lead to a net gain of three such spaces. 



11.4     The Lead Member RESOLVED to (1) approve the final detailed design for the Eastbourne Town Centre Improvement Scheme as set out in Appendix 2 and in paragraph 11.3;


(2) approve the construction of the scheme in accordance with the final detailed design;


(3) delegate authority to the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport, in consultation with the Lead Member, to make any necessary minor amendments to the scheme; and


(4) approve publication of the associated Traffic Regulation Orders.




11.5     Phase 2a of the Eastbourne Town Centre Movement and Access Package focuses on the section of Terminus Road between Bankers Corner and Langney Road and builds on the earlier phase that was completed in January 2020.  The shaping of the final detailed design has been positively influenced in a number of ways through the ongoing engagement with Eastbourne town centre stakeholders, the outcomes of the access assessment undertaken on the scheme design and the Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA).  This has resulted in changes to the palette and location of materials and street furniture being used within the scheme design to address any impact on groups with protected characteristics. 


11.6     In addition, alternative provision of on road blue badge parking in the town centre, as well as in surface car parks, has been sought to negate the loss in current blue badge spaces in Bolton Road and Langney Road area.  Officers will continue to investigate alternate provision.  The necessary Traffic Regulation Orders related to the Pedestrian Zone in Terminus Road as well as changes to traffic movements and parking restrictions required as part of the scheme will be advertised later in the summer.