Reason for objection



Local resident

Proposed parking space is directly in line with the path from my property. I frequently use this space to load my work van as it means I do not have to walk equipment on the road

itself. Doing this can be considered dangerous to me and to road users in the area while I am loading.


I and other residents are interested in having driveways built which would

have the direct impact of removing 4 vehicles from the road. Allocating this space would prevent this from taking place.





The parking on this road is appalling but I feel that providing off road parking is a better solution over angering people by removing spaces that have no right to be allocated.









One disabled space will prove antagonistic due to having more than one blue badge holder on the street.


The location of the proposed parking bay is the closest and most suitable for a disabled resident.









Not relevant in terms of the current situation.  The construction of an off-street parking place would be subject to the usual application and assessment process. If permission is given the bay can be re-sited in consultation with the applicant.



The parking situation has been noted as part of the traffic officer’s assessment. The degree of difficulty parking at a location is considered when assessing whether a parking bay should be provided. We are not reducing the number of parking spaces, only indicating that one space should be available for a resident with mobility difficulties.


Designated parking places are available for anyone displaying a Blue Badge. Further spaces can be considered if an application is made.



Local resident

I have no knowledge of anyone who would require this facility, so do not think the request is justified.


Applicant meets the requirements for a Blue Badge.