Report to:

People Scrutiny Committee


Date of meeting:


16 September 2021


Assistant Chief Executive



People Scrutiny Committee Work Programme



To review and discuss the People Scrutiny Committee’s future work programme.

RECOMMENDATIONS: The Committee is recommended to:

1)    review and discuss agenda items for future Committee meetings, including items listed in the work programme set out at Appendix 1;


2)    discuss topics for Scrutiny Reviews to be included in the Committee’s future work programme; and


3)    review upcoming items on East Sussex County Council’s Forward Plan as set out at Appendix 2 and to identify any issues that may require more detailed scrutiny.


1          Background


1.1       The work programme is an important tool in ensuring the correct focus and best use of the Committee’s time in scrutinising topics that are of importance to the residents of East Sussex, and the efficient and effective working of the Council. It also provides clarity for those who may be requested to give evidence to the Committee on the issues under review, and the questions the Committee requires answers to.


1.2       Discussion of the work programme provides the Committee with the opportunity to consider topics that it may be of value to scrutinise, and to decide whether further scoping work is required. This provides a basis for deciding the best way of scrutinising a topic, the timescale, and who from the Committee will be involved in carrying out the review work. If there are a number of potential topics for review, Members can determine the priority of the work within the resources available to the Committee.

2          Supporting information


Work programme and future scrutiny reviews


2.1       The Committee is asked to review and discuss any amendments to the items set out in its work programme (attached at Appendix 1). This includes reviewing the Committee’s future agenda items, its list of potential future Scrutiny Reviews, the work of its Reference Groups and the subject matter for any reports for information.   Any provisional actions discussed at the meeting will be formally considered by the committee at its next meeting in September.


2.2       When considering potential topics for inclusion in the work programme, the Committee is asked to consider a range of questions.  These include:  



2.3       Any suggestions for potential Scrutiny Review topics should be discussed with the Chair, or the relevant Senior Democratic Services Adviser, in advance of the Committee meetings.   


Forward Plan


2.4       A copy of the Council’s Forward Plan of executive decisions for the period 1 September 2021 to 31 December 2021 is included at Appendix 2. The Committee is requested to review the forthcoming items on the Forward Plan to identify any issues within the remit of this Committee that may require more detailed scrutiny. The Forward Plan is revised and published on a monthly basis and Committee members should regularly review the Forward Plan.


3.         Conclusion and reasons for recommendations


3.1       An important part of managing the work of the People Scrutiny Committee is regularly reviewing its future work programme. This involves the Committee assessing its priorities, ensuring its ongoing reviews are completed in a timely fashion and identifying new areas for scrutiny.   


Assistant Chief Executive


Contact Officer: Stuart McKeown, Senior Democratic Services Adviser    

Tel. No. 01273 481583






Appendix 1 – People Scrutiny Committee – Work Programme

Appendix 2 – Council’s Forward Plan of executive decisions 1 September 2021 – 31 December 2021