People Scrutiny Committee


MINUTES of a non-statutory meeting of the People Scrutiny Committee held  on 17 June 2021.



PRESENT:                  Councillors Johanna Howell (Chair) Sam Adeniji, Charles Clark, Penny di Cara, Chris Dowling, Kathryn Field, Nuala Geary, Wendy Maples, Stephen Shing, John Ungar (Vice Chair) and Trevor Webb.


                                      Mr Trevor Cristin, Diocese of Chichester Representative



LEAD MEMBERS:  Councillor Bob Bowdler, Lead Member for Children and Families.

                                    Councillor Carl Maynard, for Adult Social Care and Health

Councillor Bob Standley Lead Member for Education and Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disability



ALSO PRESENT:      Mark Stainton, Director of Adult Social Care

                                    Stuart Gallimore, Director of Children’s Services

                                    Darrel Gale, Director of Public Health


                                    Councillors Abul Azad, Paul Redstone and Steve Murphy.




1             Minutes of the meeting held on 11 March 2021


1.1       RESOLVED to agree the minutes as a correct record.




2             Apologies for absence


2.1       Apologies were received from Mr Simon Parr, Roman Catholic Diocese Representative and Ms Nicola Boulter, Parent Governor Representative.




3             Disclosures of interests


3.1     There were none.




4             Urgent items


4.1      There were none.




5             Covid-19 Response and Implications


5.1       Mark Stainton, Director of Adult Social Care introduced the report and responded to a number of questions asked by the Committee. The key issues discussed included:




5.2                   The Committee RESOLVED to note the report.




6             Public Health Update


6.1       Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health introduced the report and responded to questions asked by Members. The key issues discussed included:









6.2       The Committee RESOLVED to note the report.




7             People Scrutiny Committee Work programme


7.1       The Committee discussed its Work Programme which is comprised of a number of ongoing scrutiny reviews, reference groups and planned reports.   In the context of the non-statutory meeting, Members agreed to submit their preferences for membership of a number of scrutiny groups which had been previously established.  The Committee agreed it would consider the appointments at its September meeting.  Membership of the following bodies was discussed:  the Loneliness and Isolation Scrutiny Reference Group, the Health and Social Care Integration Programme (HASCIP) Reference Group, the Educational Attainment and Performance Scrutiny Reference Group and the Scrutiny Review of School Exclusions.  


7.2       The Committee agreed that it would be beneficial to have an ‘Away Day’ which would allow it to focus on discussing and agreeing its priorities for the coming months.  As a result, the Committee requested that arrangements are made for an Away Day to take place in the autumn. 


7.3       The Committee noted the Council’s Forward Plan of decisions in Appendix 2 of the report.


7.4       The Committee RESOLVED to:


1)    Agree to hold an ‘Away Day’ work planning session in the autumn to discuss and agree the Committee’s priorities for the future Work Programme, including topics for scrutiny reviews.

2)    Submit preferences for membership of various scrutiny groups which the Committee would then consider at its next meeting.

3)    Note the Council’s current Forward Plan of decisions








Councillor Johanna Howell