Learning Disability Services,

Day Service Staff Consultation Summary





The consultation to implement permanent changes to the Day Service model included a change to the working hours of staff working in these services.  As this would be a change to their contract a separate consultation with staff was undertaken to run in parallel with the consultation on the whole model.  The changes would affect staff in the four ESCC Day Services and no posts were at risk in this proposal.


Day Service

Number of staff

Hastings & Rother at Beeching Park


Linden Court


St Nicholas













14th June 2021


Launch Consultation Process (Issue 1)

14th June to 21st June


Group consultation meetings (details below)

22nd, 23rd , 24th 25th & 29th June


Individual 1:1 consultation meeting upon request




25th June 2021


Close of consultation on first draft proposals

28th June 2021


Management consideration of comments




w/c 28/6/21


Revised proposals issued for comment (Issue 2)

9th July 2021


Close of consultation on second draft proposals

12th July


Management consideration of comments




w/c 19th July


Final draft proposals issued (Issue 3)

28th July


Close of formal consultation




Staff were involved in the consultation through group meetings, individual meetings and through being able to submit questions.  The unions were involved from the outset to support staff in this process.

Staff were made aware of the support structures available to them, recognising that while no jobs were at risk a staff consultation can still cause some anxiety.




All staff questions were collated into a Frequently asked Questions document that was shared with staff as part of the process. 

Of the 73 questions asked:

·         29 were about staff issues

·         21 were about client experience

·         13 were about the sessions delivered

·         8 were other areas such as transport.

Of the staff related questions half concerned the working hours with specific questions about individual circumstances.  These were answered in the FAQ and where there are on-going concerns, such as managing caring responsibilities, these will be addressed with the individuals if the proposed model of delivery is agreed.

Other questions related to transport, ensuring that working at different times was shared fairly and the location of the work base.

There were three questions specifically about working in the community and re-assurance sought that staff would be safe.  These sessions are risk assessed and ‘lone worker’ devices available when staff are working away from the building to ensure staff safety.




The staff in the Day Services have shown great commitment and flexibility to deliver services throughout the pandemic.  Through the engagement with staff the teams recognise that this is a positive development and are supportive of this.