Equality Impact Assessment

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Learning Disability Day Service Consultation


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Feb 2022


Summary of Equality Impact Assessment:

A comprehensive Equality Impact Assessment was completed for this piece of work.  This identified two protective characteristics requiring additional focus which are rurality and disability, specifically for people with more complex needs. 

All adults supported have a disability while several have an additional physical disability requiring access to specialised resource:

Day Service

Number of clients attending

Number of clients with additional physical needs and needing specialist equipment

Linden Court



Hastings & Rother



St Nicholas










The map below describes where adults attending the day services live, although rurality is impacted by home address, access to public transport and the location of a community activity.



 -  Service Users – Hastings and Rother

 - Service Users – St Nicholas

 Service Users – Hookstead

 Service Users – Linden Court


The table below from the action plan contained in section 6 of the Equality Impact Assessment identifies the areas of concern and actions to mitigate these. 

Area for improvement

Changes proposed

Transport provision for hard to reach community projects

Increased Flexibility of Day service Transport Offer

Transport offer for clients with complex needs who are only able to access the building-based provision

Community Access to be included in the offer for complex clients attending building-based sessions, who are not able to access separate community sessions

Risk to low uptake for Community and Twilight sessions due to unfamiliarity

Taster session to be offered to clients


Ongoing review of take up

Community Sessions sourced to include some where access arrangements are suitable for clients with complex needs.

Community Sessions to include some that are suitable for clients with complex needs