Appendix 1 - LCWIP Development Stages

Stage 1

Determining Scope

Identifying where in the County the LCWIP should be focussed.

Stage 2

Gathering Information

Reviewing existing data related to cycling and
walking alongside existing policies and strategies.

Stage 3

Network Planning for cycling

Reviewing existing networks and trips, and
identifying the places that should be connected.

Stage 4

Network Planning for walking

Reviewing existing networks and identifying the places
that should be connected alongside improvements
for specific areas, including town centres.

Stage 5

Prioritising Improvements

Undertake a further review, following the consultation on which schemes could come forward in the short, medium and long term.

← We are here,
here a public
consultation will
be undertaken on the current network plans.

Stage 6

Integration and application

Seek approval of the document from ESCC Cabinet in early 2021 and set out a plan on how we will deliver the LCWIP
and continue to update the plan.