Report to:

Lead Member for Transport and Environment


Date of meeting:


25 October 2021


Director of Communities, Economy and Transport



Proposed installation of an advisory disabled parking bay – James Avenue, Herstmonceux



To consider the objections received to the proposed installation of an advisory disabled bay.



RECOMMENDATIONS: The Lead Member is recommended to: -

(1)  Note the concerns raised by the objectors; and


(2)  Approve the installation of an advisory disabled parking bay



1       Background Information

1.1.        In areas not covered by formal parking restrictions, disabled parking bays are provided in line with adopted County Council Policy No PS05-11. This policy was approved by the Lead Member for Communities and Safety at their meeting on 16 March 2018 and is attached as Appendix 1.

1.2. The provisional cost of the advisory disabled bay is approximately £250 and will be met from existing revenue budgets.


2     Supporting Information

2.1.        An application for an on-street disabled parking bay was received from a resident of James Avenue in Herstmonceux on 23 April 2021. The application was assessed against the relevant policy criteria and the application was successful.

2.2.        Due to the nature of the area, the closest and most suitable place to site a disabled parking bay is on the north-west side of the road outside No. 33 James Avenue. Due to the narrow width of James Avenue parking can only take place on one side of the road and there is also a turning circle at the north-eastern end with private accesses which further restricts available parking. The proposed bay would be installed adjacent to the existing advisory disabled parking bay in James Avenue in order to maximise available space for other vehicles. Whilst a disabled bay can be used by any vehicle displaying a valid blue badge, the existing disabled bay was provided for a different resident. Further investigations have confirmed that it is still required by the original applicant.

2.3.        James Avenue is a residential area with few properties in this section having off-street parking facilities. There are no parking restrictions. The trend of parking in this section of James Avenue is on the north-west side of the road. Appendix 2 shows the proposed location of the disabled parking bay, the location of the existing disabled parking bay and site photographs of the area.

2.4.        In line with our working practice, consultation with the affected residents was carried out. This involved consulting with one property. The resident of this property has informed other residents of the proposals and we have then received comments from three further properties, all stating they are against the proposal. A summary of the objections with comments by the Local Traffic and Safety Officer can be found at Appendix 3. Full copies of the objections are available in the Members’ Room.

2.5.        Section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 also provides that a public authority must, in the exercise of its functions “have due regard to the need to” among other things, “advance equality of opportunity between persons who share a relevant protected characteristic and persons who do not share it”. This involves having due regard to the need to “take steps to meet the needs of persons who share a relevant protected characteristic that are different from the needs of persons who do not share it”. Section 149(4) states how this applies specifically to the treatment of disabled persons and provision for steps to take account of disabled persons' disabilities.

2.6.        The need for a disabled parking bay on traffic management grounds was established by the local Traffic and Safety Officer. This was supported by the information given in the initial application from the applicant.


3     Conclusion and Reasons for Recommendations

3.1.        The need for a disabled bay has been identified through site assessments and supported by information provided by the applicant, who meets all of our criteria requirements as set out in our policy.

3.2.        The requirements of Policy PS05-11 have been met in this case and it is recommended that the disabled parking bay is provided in line with this policy.




Director of Communities, Economy and Transport

Contact Officer: Clare Akehurst
Tel. No. 01323 463402



Councillor Bowdler