Appendix 4 - Actions proposed to target these markets and grow the profitability of the sector.


Short Term

Medium Term

Long Term


Develop a strong proposition that reflects Sussex and appeals to target markets

Use positioning in campaign delivery with a focus on domestic (post-covid) then international

Develop tools to support use by tourism industry pan-Sussex

Off the Beaten Track (Camino Sussex)

Bring together right of way/cycling and walking officers to develop pan-Sussex plan

Prioritise development and secure funding (bid) to implement

Develop itineraries and experiences around the emerging network

Sussex Events

Major events and tourism partnership to identify and develop best practice for growing impact

Roll-out and evaluate events impact – develop Sussex reputation for major events

Grow reputation for events innovation

A Year Of…

Develop an outline calendar for Year Of.... Develop plans for first ‘Year of…’ and form partnership

Roll out first ‘Year Of...’ and use it to develop new experiences and create strong PR and campaigns

Evaluate each ‘Year Of...’ to develop lessons to continue the approach

Stay Sussex

Pan-Sussex Hotel Futures Study commissioned to identify gaps and opportunities

Review and develop planning policy, identify development sites and market to developers

Guidance to small scale/independent developers of distinctive accommodation

Sustainable Sussex

Pan-Sussex Sustainable Tourism baseline to identify gaps and opportunities

Develop and identify funding to support actions for public and private sector

Evaluate and monitor progress. Create best practice guidance for tourism industry

Research & Insight

Create Pan-Sussex depository for tourism research. Identify shared research needs

Commission and deliver research (accommodation performance, visitor surveys etc)

Use robust evidence to underpin marketing, development and funding bids

Digital First

Develop digital expertise across the public sector partners identifying opportunities for destination marketing

Identify international best practice in digital delivery of marketing and experience development

Showcase Sussex as a digital tourism leader and strengthen innovation in collaboration with Universities

Business Tourism Development

Agree Memorandum of Understanding for all Sussex Destinations to collaborate in Meetings, Inceptives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) marketing and identify lead delivery partner

Seed fund Pan-Sussex MICE marketing including participation at major industry events and sector marketing

Evaluate and monitor business tourism performance. Develop the capabilities of venues across Sussex