EAST SUSSEX Schools’ Forum


MINUTES of a meeting of the Schools’ Forum held remotely with Microsoft Teams on 17 September 2021





Hugh Hennebry - Chair (Uckfield College)

Sarah Pringle (Seahaven Academy)

Gavin Bailey (Swale Academy Trust)

Jon Gilbert (Diocese of Chichester)

Joanna Sanchez (Diocese of Arundel and Brighton)

Jo Foulkes (Sabden Multi Academy Trust)

Phil Matthews (Hailsham Community College Academy Trust)

Helen Key (Chailey School)

Phil Clarke (Trade Union Representative)

Tom Scully (University of Brighton Academies Trust)

Jane Johnson (Newick CE Primary)

James Freeston (King Offa Primary Academy)

Richard Preece (Saxon Mount and Torfield)

Richard Blakeley (Harlands Primary)




Cllr Bob Standley (Lead Member for Education and Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disability)

Alison Jeffery (Director Children’s Services)

Edward Beale (Schools Funding Manager)

Mark Whiffin (Head of Finance)

Sarah Rice (Finance Manager – Schools)

Nathan Caine (Head of ISEND)

Beth Armstrong (Deputy Head of ISEND)

Rawden Phillips (Orbis Insurance Manager)

Rachel King (Clerk)




1.1          Hugh welcomed all and thanked everyone for their attendance. A special welcome to Alison Jeffrey to her first East Sussex Schools’ Forum as Director of Children’s Services.

It was confirmed the meeting was quorate, recognising the apologies below.


1.2         Apologies received from:


·         Kate Owbridge (Ashdown Primary)

·         Susan Thompson (Ditchling Primary)

·         Monica Whitehead (Claverham Community College) not present

·         Geoffrey Lucas (Etchingham CE Primary School) not present


2.         MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING 09 July 2021


2.1       The minutes for the meeting held were approved as a true record and will be signed by the Chair and scanned to Lesley Leppard.


3.         CHAIR AND VICE CHAIR (Discussion)


3.1       The Forum discussed the action points arising from the last meeting;


i.              How the Forum blends in with the Primary and Secondary Boards and how to     strategically join them all together

ii.             How to encourage others to join the forum

iii.            Succession plan for Chair and Vice Chair


3.2       RESOLVED; An election for Chair and Vice Chair will be held at the November meeting in preparation for January 2022 meeting.




4.1       There were no declaration of interests.


5.         UPDATE ON THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION’S CONSULTATION ON THE SPARSITY FUNDING FACTOR                                                                                (Information)


5.1       The Forum discussed and noted the DfE’s consultation on the sparsity funding factor.  


5.2       It was asked if schools are sharing ‘the pot’ more ways or is this new money. In response Members were informed that with the new level of funding the DfE calculate what individual schools would get without getting penalised 


6.         DE-DELEGATION APPROVAL 2022/2023 (Approval – Maintained Schools only)


6.1       Forum members were advised which budgets were de-delegated by schools in 2021/22 and to seek approval on de-delegated budgets for 2022/23


6.2       The Primary and Secondary maintained representatives were asked to vote on which services should be provided centrally for 2022/23 – votes below;




Primary Phase

Secondary Phase

Number of Yes

Number of No

Number of Yes

Number of No






Admin of FSM





Jury Service / Union Business










Behaviour Support Services






*G Lucas was unable to attend the meeting and requested his vote was carried out by proxy by J Johnson.


6.3       Members discussed the budgets and asked for more detail regarding the contingency fund and behaviour hubs/ESBAS         


6.4       ACTION: The Chair asked if Ed could produce a report for the November meeting regarding the contingency fund outlining two main points

·         Looking back at how the money is spent over the last 5 years

·         The consideration of how that amount is calculated



7.         INSURANCE UPDATE (Information)


7.1       The Forum discussed the comparison with the East Sussex County Council Schools’ insurance programme against the Risk Protection Agreement offer.


7.2       It was recommended that maintained schools’ members note the insurance charge for 2021/2022 and the insurance programme for 2022/23


8.         SCHOOLS’ FORUM MEETING DATES (Information)


8.1       The Forum were asked to note the Schools’ Forum meeting dates for the financial year 2022/23


8.1       Currently Confirmed dates for 2022/23.


·         Friday 13 May 2022

·         Friday 01 July 2022

·         Friday 16 September 2022

·         Friday 18 November 2022

·         Friday 13 January 2023


8.2       All meetings will run from 08.30 to 10.30 am and held either remotely, or at Wellshurst Golf and Country Club.





Meeting concluded at 09:42 am

Next meeting – Friday 19 November 2021 08:30am. Location TBC - Wellshurst Golf and Country Club or Microsoft Teams.