Administration Working Group (Admin WG)

Terms of Reference



The AWG has an advisory and review role. Its purpose is to:

1.    Oversee the administration projects of the East Sussex Pension Fund (ESPF)(the Fund) and aim to improve the members experience by ensuring high data quality of membership data within the Fund.

2.    Take responsibility for strategic oversight of the ESPF Data Strategy driving the better use of data in the Fund and addressing any gaps and barriers preventing it.

3.    tackle the key cross-cutting employer related issues that continue to be a barrier to the effective use of data.

4.    Provide strategic oversight of t Pension Regulator (tPR) guidance which relates to data, shaping advice to the Pension Board and Committee on implementation.

5.    To continue to oversee a small portfolio of projects to deliver data-enabled change and continue to learn and work through solutions to ongoing barriers.


The Admin WG is not a sub-committee of the Pension Board or Pension Committee. No functions of the Pension Board or Committee are delegated to the Admin WG.

The Admin WG will not:

1. take decisions in relation to policy matters that are the responsibility of the Pension Committee

2. take decisions in relation statutory materials that are required by law and delegated to the Chief Finance Officer under the Schemes of Delegation to implement to administer the Fund.

3. oversee or advise on any other matter other than in relation to administration and data quality matters of the Fund.


Membership will comprise relevant officers. The Working Group membership is also open to members of the Pension Board, who will work with delivery partners to drive data-enabled change across scheme employers.


The Admin WG is chaired by Head of Pensions Administration.

Membership comprises:

·         Head of Pensions Administration

·         Chief Finance Officer

·         Head of Pensions

·         Chair of the Pension Board

·         Chair of the Pension Committee

·         Stephen Osborne (Pension Board employer representative)

·         Pension Board member representative to be confirmed

Senior external representatives may also be invited by the Chair to provide expert advice and opinion on the ESPF data agenda and activities.


The Admin WG is not a committee or sub-committee established under the Section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972, so political proportionality rules under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989 do not apply.



The Quorum of the Working Group will be four Members



The Admin WG meets at least quarterly between Pension Committee meetings, or more as required to visit administration project or data quality issues and make recommendations to Board and Committee.


A note of meetings will be reported in the quarterly work plan to Board and Committee with details on projects discussed during any Admin WG meeting provided in the Administration Report produced quarterly for Pension Board and Committee.

As the Admin WG is not established under the Section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972, access to information regulations do not apply.


The working group terms of reference and purpose will be reviewed after two years to ensure the group is still relevant.