Report to:

Lead Member for Transport and Environment


Date of meeting:


17 January 2022


Director of Communities, Economy and Transport



Viridor in East Sussex Community Fund



To note information provided on the Viridor in East Sussex Community Fund and to agree the constitution of the Board that will assess the applications and award the funding.


RECOMMENDATIONS: The Lead Member is recommended to:

approve the constitution of the Viridor in East Sussex Board, which will assess applications to the Community Fund and award funding, as set out in paragraph 2.4 - 2.9 and appendix 3 of the report




1       Background Information

1.1.        Social value became a legal requirement through the Public Services Act in 2012. This requires suppliers to local authorities to offer wider benefits linked to their contract, called social value. Broadly these benefits can include supporting the local economy, the local environment and offering help to local community groups.

1.2.        Social Value is part of the Council Plan, where we have a target to commit more than 10% of our spend with suppliers towards economic, social, and environmental value.

1.3.        During the procurement of the processing and disposal of dry mixed recyclables for East Sussex County Council (ESCC), we asked bidders to submit a Social Value proposal that would be assessed based on the additional value they committed to delivering in the contract.

1.4.        Viridor Waste Management Limited (now Limone Waste Limited) submitted a proposal to establish a Community Fund to provide funding to social enterprise, charities and the voluntary sector that would contribute towards reducing demand on services and improving resident experience.

1.5.        The Community Fund is now established and has £45,000 available to award to successful applicants that demonstrate they can deliver benefit to the local community and meet the key objectives of the Fund, which focus on environmental sustainability, community involvement, local need, value for money and education.


2       Supporting Information

Governance of the Fund

2.1.        In consultation with us, Limone has produced documents that set out the governance and constitution of the Community Fund and can be found as appendices to this report, including the Funding Criteria, Application Form, and the Terms of Reference of the Board.

Funding Criteria

2.2.        The Funding Criteria (appendix 1) provides information on who is eligible to apply, what the requirements are for project applications and how they will be assessed. Notably the document sets out the nine criteria that the applications will be scored against; a minimum of six of which must be met to be considered:

·                     Demonstrate local need in the geographic area

·                     Demonstrate community participation, partnership and benefit

·                     Demonstrate sustainability

·                     Demonstrate environmental benefit

·                     Demonstrate education, lifelong learning, and skills

·                     Demonstrate value for money

·                     Demonstrate social inclusion and breadth of engagement

·                     Demonstrate engagement with a variety of access points

·                    Projects that will offer a strong benefit for the local area through jobs, training, and skills

Application Form

2.3.        The Application Form (appendix 2) gathers information on the applicant and the questions are structured around the funding criteria to ascertain whether an applicant is valid, and their application meets at least six of the nine principles. Once complete, the form is submitted to the Viridor in East Sussex e-mail address, which is managed by Limone.

Viridor in East Sussex Fund Terms of Reference

2.4.        The Terms of Reference (appendix 3) set out the overall governance of the Community Fund, including the constitution of the Board that reviews the applications and decides which projects to provide funding to.

2.5.        The Viridor in East Sussex Board will be established by Limone and will consist of two representatives from Limone management, a senior officer from ESCC, and an elected member from ESCC. The Board may also choose to elect one or more representatives from other interested groups. The Governance Committee has the delegated power to appoint councillors and officers to outside bodies such as the proposed Board.  At its meeting on 25 January 2022 the Governance Committee will be asked to consider nominations, and it is recommended the Lead Member for Transport and Environment be considered by the Governance Committee as the appropriate nomination as the portfolio holder for waste operations.  The Governance Committee will also be recommended to consider the Waste Team Manager to sit as the other ESCC Board member. The Waste Team Manager is the Authorised Officer for the Limone contract and has been involved in the Community Fund since its inception and will therefore be well placed to sit on the Board and assess applications against the funding criteria.  The East Sussex district and borough councils were asked at a meeting of the Waste Resource Strategy Group whether they wanted to provide a representative for the Board and they declined.

2.6.        The final decision on the make-up of the Board rests with the 4 core members, being the Limone and ESCC representatives. The maximum size of the Board will be limited to 7 members; non-core members being referred to as the panel members. The core members will elect a chairperson for the Board on either an annual basis or on a rotational basis.

2.7.        Limone will provide an administrator to the Board whose role will be to assist in the production and distribution of agendas, minutes, and other supporting information to assist the Board. The administrator will also review new applications against the agreed funding criteria to ensure that only qualifying applications are put forward for consideration at the Board meetings.

2.8.        Meetings will be held quarterly at the Crayford MRF offices or at an alternative venue as might be agreed from time to time, as well as virtually. Most of the time allocated to meetings will be spent considering applications for funding. Once a short list of applications has been determined, the Board will be asked to vote on those schemes they consider will have the most benefit to the local community and meet the key objectives of the Fund. Once an application has been determined, the administrator will inform the applicant of the outcome and, for those applications that have been successful, process the supporting paperwork.

2.9.        An update on those projects that have received funding from the Board will be provided at each meeting.  Details will be provided on matters such as planned start date, progress made and estimated completion dates on those projects supported.


3          Conclusion and Reasons for Recommendations

3.1.        Limone is committed to Social Value and, during the procurement process of the processing and disposal of dry mixed recyclables contract, proposed a Community Fund. The value is £15,000 per year for local projects that deliver benefits to the local community. It has taken some time to agree and prepare the administration for the fund. We are in year three of the contract and now have a total fund of £45,000 available to award to successful applicants.

3.2.        Since the fund went live and was advertised on 21 September 2021, we have had five applications that are waiting to be assessed by the Board. It is hoped that the Board can be assembled, and a meeting can be organised early in 2022.

3.3.        In consultation with ESCC, Limone has produced documents that set out the governance and constitution of the Community Fund. Lead Member for Transport and Environment is asked to note the information provided on the Viridor in East Sussex Community Fund and to approve the constitution of the Board that will assess the applications and award the funding.

3.4.        If the Lead Member agrees the proposals set out is this report the Governance Committee will consider appointments to the Board.   




Director of Communities, Economy and Transport

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