Appendix 3

Email to Key Stakeholders

As you may recall, East Sussex Highways in partnership with East Sussex County Council is proposing to improve pedestrian safety and access between the seafront and town centre by altering the current layout of the Albert Road / Denmark Place junction, Hastings.

The scheme is being funded using Local Growth Fund (LGF) monies secured through the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP).  Following the feedback from our initial stakeholder consultation in June we have reviewed the design and are now proposing the following:

*   New straight-across pedestrian crossings on the western side of Albert Road across Denmark Place and also across Albert Road. Removal of the staggered pedestrian crossing on the eastern side of Albert Road across Denmark Place and replacing this with a straight-across crossing.

*   Kerb realignment.

*   Associated signage, carriageway resurfacing and road markings work.

*   New corduroy paving on the south eastern section to warn pedestrians of the presence of cyclists.

A plan of this scheme is shown below.

The proposals are designed to accommodate any potential future cycle improvements in this location and continue to use road markings and signs which comply with prescribed regulations.  The use of colourful crossings has also been considered and, although not proposed at this time, these could be incorporated at a future date subject to careful design which takes into account accessibility requirements and wider proposals for the town.

We would be pleased to receive any comments or queries you may have about these proposals by Monday 27th September 2021.

Please respond to: Agya Kwarteng via

Email: or telephone: 0345 60 80 193

Further to this stakeholder consultation and once the views received have been taken into consideration, we will inform the nearby residents and businesses of our intention to carry out this work. Should we receive any queries we will aim to resolve them before proceeding with construction, which at this stage is planned for mid-2022.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Yours sincerely

Agya Kwarteng

Stakeholder Engagement

East Sussex Highways

Telephone: 0345 60 80 193  Email:

Attached - Plan of Scheme Albert Road junction with Denmark Place. (See Appendix 1).