Report to:


Governance Committee



25 January 2022



Director of Communities, Economy and Transport   

Title of report:


Appointments to Outside Bodies – Viridor in East Sussex (ViES) Board


Purpose of report:


To consider appointments to the Viridor in East Sussex Board



RECOMMENDATION – The Governance Committee is recommended to appoint a Councillor and an officer to serve on the Viridor in East Sussex (ViES) Board for a period to June 2025.



Background Information


1.1       The County Council is invited to appoint Members, officers (and in some cases non-County Councillors are eligible) to serve on a range of outside bodies whose role has a relationship to a function of the County Council. The appointments are a vital part of the County Council’s working in partnership with voluntary sector bodies, statutory agencies and the public and private sectors.


1.2       East Sussex County Council has been invited to appoint a Member and an officer to a new Board established by Limone Waste Limited (previously Viridor Waste Management Limited) for the purposes of distributing grant funding to organisations that would contribute towards reducing demand on services and improving resident experience, focussed on environmental sustainability, community involvement, local need, value for money and education.


1.3       Limone is committed to Social Value and, during the procurement process of the processing and disposal of dry mixed recyclables contract, proposed a Community Fund. The value is £15,000 per year for local projects that deliver benefits to the local community. It has taken some time to agree and prepare the administration for the fund. We are in year three of the contract and now have a total fund of £45,000 available to award to successful applicants.


1.4       The Board’s Terms of Reference were agreed by the Lead Member for Transport and Environment at her meeting on 17 January 2022.  The Board is made up from two representatives from Limone, one elected member and one senior officer from East Sussex County Council.


Supporting Information


2.1       The Board will be required to agree, set and review clear criteria against which applications for funding can be assessed.  The criteria will allow applications to go through a “stage gate” approach so that only those applications that meet the qualifying criteria will put forward for consideration by the Board.  The details of the qualifying criteria will be agreed by the Board but could include, but not limited to:


•           Financial Cap on the funding of any one project

•           Limit on the number of projects supported in any one year

•           Evidence of additional funding secured (for larger projects)


2.2       It is proposed that the Board meet quarterly, to consider qualifying applications that have been assessed by the Fund’s administrator to match the funding criteria.  


2.3       Once a short list of applications has been determined the Board will be asked to vote on those schemes they consider will have the most benefit to the local community and meet the key objectives.


2.4       An update on those projects that have received funding from the Board will be provided at each meeting.  Details will be provided on matters such as planned start date, progress made, estimated completion dates, formal openings etc., on those projects supported.  The final detail of the content on the project updates will be decided by the Board. 


2.5       It is proposed that as a condition of funding, there is a requirement for a brief project progress report to be submitted by the applicant to the Board for discussion at each meeting.


2.6       It is envisaged the administration support will initially be undertaken by Limone. The administrator will work on a part time basis on matters relating to the Board.


2.7       It is proposed that appointments should be made for a period ending in June 2025, to coincide with other appointments to outside bodies.  Nominations have been sought from each political and independent group, and from within the Communities, Economy and Transport department.  The nominations received are:



No. of reps

Current Appointments


Viridor in East Sussex (ViES) Board

1 councillor

1 officer

None – new body




Councillor Claire Dowling

Councillor Lambert


Waste Team Manager (Officer)



3.         Recommendation


3.1       The Committee is asked to appoint a Councillor and an officer to the Viridor in East Sussex (ViES) Board



Director of Communities, Economy and Transport


Contact Officer: Laura Tafa           

Tel:  07919 298462



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