Appendix 6 - Responses to consultation on East Sussex County Council’s proposed admission arrangements for 2023/2024


Views were sought on the following:-


1.    The admissions criteria for local authority controlled schools

2.    Proposed Admission Numbers


3.    Proposed Co-ordinated schemes


4.    Any other aspect of the proposed admission arrangements



There were four responses to the consultation. Not all respondents answered every question.  The results are as follows:

1.            Are the proposed admissions criteria acceptable?

Yes – 2 (66.6%)

No – 1 (33.3%)

Comments received (3)

1.    could there be a category for if a parent works at the school then this would aid preference of their child attending?

2.    School and building is already at capacity for the amount of students on roll

3.    Willingdon has recently had significant investment to allow us to increase our PAN. It makes more financial and practical sense to budget and plan on 210 than on 200z


2.            Comments on Proposed Admission Numbers at any school (1)

1.    As it is 200, size of buildings and classrooms can not accommodate increased numbers of students

3.            Comments on the draft co-ordinated schemes (1)

  1. No

4.         Any other comments about the admission arrangements (0)

There were no comments left about any other aspect of the local authority’s proposed admission arrangements.