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Stakeholder Feedback







I assume this has gone to at least some of our bus operating colleagues. If that is the case, could you confirm who so that we can make sure all relevant parties have had this?


ESCC Public Transport Team

Yes – correct - one.  I sent it to John Pugh at Stagecoach only – I wasn’t sure if there are any other bus companies using the area.  I would be very grateful if you could distribute the info to any other service providers who you feel would be interested and should have a view – thank you in advance.

My only comment would be that has the opportunity been taken to check whether any additional tree planting could be carried out here to further improve the public realm?

Thank you

ESCC Asset Management

We will look into this.  I suspect it will be difficult at this particular location with the proximity of the two large crossings and the risk of foliage obscuring traffic signal heads.  However, it will be something we explore.

Thank you for sharing this with us, we will respond to you shortly

Kind regards

Southeastern Railway

You may recall I wrote to you back in September last year, regarding proposals to the crossroads and pedestrian crossings outside Hastings station?  Did you have any initial comment to make regarding the proposals we are making?  I have re-attached the drawing for your information.

Thanks for this, no objection from me.




Thank you for seeking my comments on behalf of Hastings Urban Bikes in respect of the above junction alterations, which we broadly support subject to further work on the West side crossing.

My details comments are attached and I look forward to hearing about any further changes you may make, particularly in respect of a cycle crossing on the West side and the necessary pavement widening on the Station Plaza side of this crossing.

Best regards

Hastings Urban Bikes

I have to admit I was unaware of the proposals to introduce a new, formal cycleway between the Station and the seafront.  I will have to make some enquiries to see how viable it would be to accommodate the changes you have highlighted.  I will come back to you with further answers once I have found out.

Many thanks for forwarding the consultation for the Station Approach/Devonshire Road/Station Road, Hastings – proposed junction improvement scheme.

In terms of road safety I would make the following comments:

1. Some of the current signing is in poor condition and does not comply with the TSRGD. Please ensure that a review of the signing is undertaken to ensure that it is appropriate, required and conforms to the latest guidance/regulations. 

2. All of the tactile paving in the attached drawing is indicated as being red. This should only be installed at controlled crossing. Please ensure that any tactile paving provided at non controlled sites is in a suitable contrasting colour, not red.

3. The scale of the drawing is such that it is difficult to confirm if the layout of the tactile paving conforms to the latest standards. Please ensure that the design of the tactile paving is compliant.

4. There is no indication of what material is to be used for the central marking (blocked out in black on the drawing) extending from the remodelled island at the traffic signals in Devonshire Road towards the junction with Middle Street. Any material should not present a slip hazard to pedestrians or a skid risk to vehicles.


The above comments are made in recognition that a full safety audit process will be conducted (the comments form the S1 RSA undertaken on the initial design have been noted as part of these comments). 


ESCC Road Safety

1. We will de-clutter the area of redundant signs, poles and street furniture and either refresh or replace signs so they conform and look brand new.

2. Agreed.

3. Yes – there are a few anomalies on the plan which will be ironed out before it is submitted for RSA S2.

4. I imagine it will either be an MMA type material, similar to what we use as carriageway lining in some locations.  This will be clearer as part of our RSA S2 submission. 


We will certainly address all of the issues you have raised and they will be presented during the next stage of the Safety Audit (RSA S2) in due course.


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this proposal. I have the following comments.

1. In principle, I strongly welcome the proposed non-staggered crossings.

2. It is important that the signal timings minimise the wait time for pedestrians to maximise compliance, though many will inevitably cross against the ‘red-man’.

3. Without delving into details too much, de-cluttering and minimising materials should be in-scope for every highway scheme but the drawing does not show these elements in detail. There is a lot of existing pedestrian guardrail that should be eliminated and some proposed tactile paving details that need attention (e.g. tactile ‘tails’ should not ‘meet’ as shown on the north east side of the Station Approach junction and TfL recommend a ‘tail’ width of 800mm rather than 1200mm (3x400mm slabs) as shown – though local practice may be different).

4a. Given that the LCWIP has just been approved by ESCC and that this includes a proposed Station Plaza to Seafront cycle route that has also long been in the local Hastings plan, it is concerning that the proposed scheme does not seem to incorporate it in the design (e.g. no Advance Cycle Stop Lines are shown on Havelock Road). This seems a missed opportunity and also a waste of money as will mean additional costs in the future when road markings and junctions need to be upgraded to include the cycle route. . 

4b. In the Sustrans document produced in support of the LCWIP consultation it is identified as a primary route number 212 with the crossing named as 212.6.3 and a recommendation to convert this crossing to a toucan one and establish a shared use connection to the crossing. Why has this not been acted on?

5. It is also a shame that the proposed set of steps shown in an earlier drawing to formalise the use of the grass slope as a  muddy cut through seems to have been removed in this version. This would be a vast improvement to the pedestrian negotiation of this space.

6. I also still have concerns at the potential waste of money given that the Station to Sea route is a key part of the proposed Hastings as a Garden Town part of the Town Deal which will be a collaboration between the Garden Town Team, ESCC and HBC and may well involve further more radical changes to this junction.

Kind regards

ESCC (Old Hastings & Tressell ward)

3. Yes – the drawing we sent out didn’t show the detail to the finest degree.  We certainly will be carrying out a de-cluttering exercise, removing redundant street furniture (including the pedestrian guardrails) and replacing/freshening up other items (such as signs, bollards, etc).  Details such as the tactile paving will be rectified before the scheme goes to site and will be in accordance with current design guidance.   

4a. I am not aware of this cycle route scheme and will enquire as to the potential for combining the two. 

4b.  As above, it is not part of our brief.  I will enquire and find out. 

5. The location for the steps has been temporarily dropped from the scheme due to the presence of underground UK Power Network apparatus in that location requiring relocation to accommodate them.  I am told the cost for this relocation alone is prohibitive to this scheme and we will not be including it.

6. The Garden Town board have been included with these discussions and we will seek to collaborate at every opportunity.  I think the footway material choice is the key concern for the board, similar to the Havelock Road proposals.  I do know the board have secured their funding but am not aware of any details of their proposals or designs.  Identical footway material will be used for this and the Havelock Road proposals once a decision has been made. 



Further to our exchanges below, I sent your email regarding the above to two other companies and the local team of Stagecoach. The Stagecoach colleague with whom we deal most often came back with a comment about a potential safety issue. I have just spoken to the local Operations Manager and she tells me she pulled that and other comments from colleagues together and sent them to John Pugh to compile a full response on behalf of Stagecoach. Therefore, you should at least hear from him!

Best wishes

ESCC Public Transport Team

Thanks very much – I will look forward to hearing from John in due course.