Members of the East Sussex SACRE 
 June 2021
 Group A – Representatives of other Christian denominations 
  and other Religions
 Ms Anna Flood Diocese of Arundel & Brighton
 Dr Tariq Rajbee Hastings Islamic Representative
 Ms Elizabeth Coleman Bahá'í Community
 Dr Brenda Vance United Reformed Church
 Mr Peter White (Vice-Chair) South Eastern Baptist Association
 Dr Norman Williamson Unitarian Church
 Mrs Pamela Hartog Jewish Community
 Vacancy Orthodox Christian Church
 Vacancy Hindu Community
 Vacancy Salvation Army
 Vacancy Methodist Church
 Vacancy Sikh Community 
 Vacancy Religious Society of Friends
 Vacancy New Churches
 Vacancy Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony UK
 Vacancy Buddhist Community
 Group B – Representatives of the Church of England
 Mr Jon Gilbert
 Mrs Rosemary Roberts
 Rev Jeremy Sykes
 Group C – Representatives of the Teacher Associations
 Mr Barry Blakelock Academy representative 
 Mr Tim Telford National Education Union (NEU)
 Mrs Claire Ramalli National Education Union (NEU) 
 Mrs Laura Cooper National Association of Headteachers (NAHT)
 Mrs Claire Rivers Teaching Schools representative
 Group D – Representatives of the Local Authority – all to be confirmed
 Councillor Roy Galley (Chairperson)
 Councillor Colin Belsey
 Councillor Trevor Webb
 Councillor Tom Liddiard
 Local Authority Adviser to SACRE
 Claire Ramalli RE Consultant
 Carrie Beech LA Advisor 
 Clerk to SACRE
 Julie Stevens
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