1.  Question by Councillor Lambert to the Lead Member for Resources and Climate Change   


Large parts of Warwick House in Seaford remain unoccupied several years after Adult Social Care re-located dementia care and other services to Eastbourne.  No information appears to be forthcoming about whether or not the lease has been finalised, the use the building will be put to and a timetable for opening.


This building represents a significant investment of public money and it is important that residents are re-assured that every effort has been made to occupy the vacant space in a timely manner so that the County Council does not incur unnecessary costs.


Can the Lead Member please provide an update on this building?  Can he also provide information on any other vacant buildings that the County Council owns for which no occupier has yet been found?


Answer by the Lead Member for Resources and Climate Change      



At Warwick House, the areas that were vacated by Adult Social Care have been let to the NHS, on a 10 year lease starting from 6 December 2021.  The NHS are finalising their plans for the refurbishment of the space. They plan to deliver services from the building once the works are complete. The NHS have advised they will be starting on site on 9 May so the community will start to see activity and occupation in due course.


There are two other Council owned building assets which do not have any other occupiers or interim uses.  The Council is the long leaseholder of part of a building known as Magdala House, Rye. This property is no longer used for operational use. Discussions are occurring with the landlord to allow the Council to sub-let the space and it will be marketed shortly.  The Council also owns Sackville House and there have been recent commercial additional lettings, so this office block is now 92% let. The remaining office suite is currently being marketed.