Report to:

Pension Board


9 September 2022


Chief Finance Officer


Communications Report



To inform the Board of communication activity delivered since the previous meeting



The Pension Board is recommended to note the report

1.         Background

1.1       This report is brought to the Pension Board to provide an update on communication tasks that directly affect the East Sussex Pension Fund (ESPF or the Fund).

1.3       The Fund has a Communications Strategy which defines the main means of communication we provide for our key stakeholders. This includes making the best use of technology where appropriate, to provide quicker and more efficient communications for the Fund's stakeholders. The Fund will ensure that communication methods are accessible to all.

2.         Newsletters

2.1.      A pensioner newsletter was issued in mid-May 2022. This was designed in a new format and published online. It has had over 4,000 views since publication.

2.2         All newsletters now sit on the respective pages of website, promoted via web call outs/banners. Direct links to latest versions below.


Active: Newsletter (active members) - April 2022 | East Sussex Pension Fund

Pensioner: Pensioner newsletter - April 2022 | East Sussex Pension Fund

Employer: Employer newsletter - June 2022 | East Sussex Pension Fund

They are also available via the Forms and publications menu of the website.

3.         Website

3.1       Work continues to refine the content and ‘look and feel’ of the website:

·                     Paying-in page – The page now includes Newsletters, Survey results, Guides (members asked for simple information in the survey results) and general information to support active members of the Fund.

·                     Pensioners page – similar enhancements to active members

·                     Member self-service – Following some negative feedback on registration and lost usernames/passwords, a new page to support members has been set up

·                     Investment –  new versions of the Q1/2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) statement and Statement on Israel and the Occupied Territories have been uploaded

·                     The Communications strategy, Governance and Compliance Policy and Training Strategy are now live on the website


4.            Surveys


4.1          Surveys for employers, active member and pensioners are now complete for 2022.


4.2          The active member survey ran from 12 April 2022 to 10 May 2022. The Fund has had over 1,000 members complete the survey. A report detailing the results together with Fund commentary/actions has now been published.


4.3          The pensioner survey ran from 17 May 2022 to 13 June 2022. The Fund has had over 2,300 pensioners complete the survey – a 25% response rate. A report detailing the results together with Fund commentary/actions has now been published.


5.            New guides


5.1          As a result of feedback from the surveys about the lack of pensions knowledge, the Fund has produced and delivered two new guides for members. Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) brief guide and Planning for retirement guide.


6.            Supporting other Fund communications work


6.1          The Communications Manager continues to support other officers in other areas:

·                     implementing revised brand, simplifying content, and ensuring accessibility guidelines are adhered to;

·                     drafting template letters, data analysis and distribution of annual benefit statements;

·                     refreshing all employer and member forms for brand, accessibility and ensuring both paper and editable versions are available; and

·                     employer toolkit – works has begun to draft communications that will help support employers in the main key processes they are responsible for.

7.         Conclusion

7.1       The Pension Board is recommended to note this report.



Chief Finance Officer




Contact Officer:

Tim Hillman, Pensions Manager Employer Engagement