Report to:

Pension Board


Date of meeting:

9 September 2022


Chief Internal Auditor



Internal Audit Report - Pension Fund Governance 2022/23




This report advises the Board of the outcome of the attached audit.


The Board is recommended to note the Internal Audit report on Pension Fund Governance 2022/23.

1. Background

1.1       The review of Pension Fund Governance 2022/23 (Appendix 1) was completed as part of the Internal Audit Strategy for Pensions 2022/23 and provides assurance on the overall effectiveness of the system’s controls.  This is the first report of the 2022/23 audit plan.

1.2       As a result of our work on Pension Fund Governance 2022/23, Internal Audit was able to provide an opinion of Substantial Assurance over the controls in place, as the Team has in previous years, and this reflects the robustness of controls over the Fund’s governance.  The report contains a single, low risk, finding.

2. Conclusions and Reasons for Recommendation

2.1       The Pension Board is recommended to note the Internal Audit report.


Orbis Chief Internal Auditor

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Contact Officer:          Danny Simpson, Principal Auditor     

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