Appendix 1

Agreed principles for ‘Place’ within the Sussex ICS


The importance of ‘Place’ within our ICS has already been recognised by our Sussex ICS to ensure a strong focus on local population health and care needs, integrated care and reducing health inequalities. 


There are three Places in the Sussex ICS based on the upper tier Local Authorities and Health and Wellbeing Board boundaries in Sussex – Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex – each with informal health and care partnerships that enable joint working across organisations working at Place.  In summary it has been agreed that the focus of Place and Place-based partnership plans is on the coordination and delivery of the following:


·         Population health management using public health principles

·         Addressing health inequalities

·         Transformation of clinical pathways and health and care service models

·         Primary care – accelerate the development of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and neighbourhood working

·         Priorities for social care and housing, and other services related to delivering outcomes for our community

·         Operational issues and pressures

The following high level principles have been produced to underpin how the NHS Sussex ICB will work with and at Place, to support close working between the three Local Authorities and the NHS in the ICS: