Report to:

Audit Committee


Date of meeting:


31 March 2023


Chief Operating Officer



Audit Committee MBOS Sub Group Update



To provide an update to the Audit Committee of the MBOS Sub Group’s most recent update




1)         The Committee is asked to note that the Committee’s MBOS Sub-Group has regularly reviewed the Council’s Modernising Back Office Systems (MBOS) programme.


1          Background

1.1       The Committee at its meeting in September 2021 approved the establishment of a Sub-Group to provide oversight of progress with the Modernising Back Office Systems (MBOS) programme, seeking assurance that the programme is performing to time, quality and budget.


1.2       The MBOS Programme was established by the County Council in 2019. Prompted by the expected expiry of support for the Council’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, SAP, the vision for MBOS is ‘to implement a suite of back-office systems that best meet the current and future needs of the Council and which provides optimal return on investment’.


2          Supporting information

            Work of the Sub-Group

2.1       The Sub-Group met again in November 2022 and a note of the meeting is attached at Appendix 1. The focus of the meeting was on the progress since the Sub-Group meeting in August.


2.2       The progress and key risks report from the MBOS Programme was discussed. The programme was noted to be making slower progress than had been anticipated but mitigations and actions to address were in place and under regular review.


2.3       The Sub-Group agreed to continue to meet with representatives from the Programme as needed and requested that written updates be provided. Due to a misunderstanding this was not actioned immediately but has now been rectified. A note of the March update is included in Appendix 2.



3.         Conclusion and reasons for recommendations

3.1       The Committee is asked to note that the Committee’s MBOS Sub-Group has reviewed the Council’s Modernising Back Office Systems (MBOS) programme in November to its satisfaction and continues to now receive monthly written updates.




Chief Operating Officer


Contact Officers:      Graham Forsdyke, MBOS Programme Manager, Tel: 07342 242448