MINUTES of a meeting of the Cabinet held at Council Chamber, County Hall, Lewes on 7 March 2023.



           PRESENT        Councillor Keith Glazier (Chair), Nick Bennett (Vice Chair), Bob Bowdler, Claire Dowling, Carl Maynard, Rupert Simmons and Bob Standley


                                    Members spoke on the items indicated:


            Councillor Bennett                  - item 5 (minute 44)

            Councillor Collier                     - item 6 (minute 45)

            Councillor Daniel                     - item 5, 6 (minute 44 and 45)

            Councillor Field                       - item 5 (minute 44)

            Councillor Maples                   - item 5, 6 (minute 44 and 45)

            Councillor Stephen Shing       - item 5 (minute 44)

            Councillor Standley                 - item 5 (minute 44)

            Councillor Tutt                         - item 6 (minute 45)

            Councillor Ungar                     - item 5 (minute 44)




42.         Minutes of the meeting held on 24 January 2023


42.1     The minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on the 24 January 2023 were agreed as a correct record.




43.         reports


43.1     Copies of the reports referred to below are included in the minute book.




44.         Council Monitoring: Quarter 3 2022/2023


44.1    The Cabinet considered a report by the Chief Executive.


44.2    It was RESOLVED to:


1)    Note the latest monitoring position for the Council; and

2)    Note the deletion of the Post European Union (EU) Transition risk from the Strategic Risk register.




44.3    The report sets out the Council’s position and year-end projections for the Council Plan targets, Revenue Budget, Capital Programme, and Savings Plan, together with Risks at the end of December 2022.




45.         Transport for the South East - Final Strategic Investment Plan


45.1    The Cabinet considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport.


45.2    The Cabinet RESOLVED to:

1)    Support Transport for the South East’s (TfSE) final draft Strategic Investment Plan (SIP); and

2)    As a constituent authority, to TfSE’s Partnership Board signing off the final SIP in March 2023 and submitting to Government in Spring 2023.




45.3    The transport and global policy interventions identified in the TfSE Strategic Investment Plan will deliver significant change in the County and support our key priorities specifically the levelling up of our communities who are most at need and importantly accelerate the delivery of the decarbonisation of transport. This will support greater strategic connectivity and resilience of our networks across the county and unlock opportunities for localised transport measures for public transport and active travel to support greater social inclusion, health, and wellbeing. The TfSE Strategy and SIP will also support policy development and the identification of strategic transport interventions as part of the current review of our Local Transport Plan, which is currently underway.

45.4    Following consultation in summer 2022, TfSE have revised their draft SIP and are seeking the constituent authorities consent to sign off the SIP in March 2023. Overall, the County Council is supportive of TfSE’s draft final SIP which has been amended to reflect some of the comments we made in our consultation response and makes the best case possible for long term investment in multi-modal transport infrastructure in East Sussex to support our local and TfSE’s priorities.





46.         To agree which items are to be reported to the County Council


46.1     It was agreed that item 5 should be reported to the County Council.

[Note: The items being reported to the County Council refer to minute number 44]