Report to:

Corporate Parenting Panel


Date of meeting:


25 July 2023


Director of Children’s Services



Care Leavers - Personalised Health Budgets programme



To provide a briefing on the Health and Wellbeing Project




Members of the Corporate Parenting Panel are asked to note the contents of this report.



1              Background information


1.1          East Sussex County Council piloted a Health and Wellbeing Project for Care Leavers following a successful bid for funding from NHS England in September 2021. The project aimed to target those young people within the Through Care Service who were experiencing difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing, and whose lives were impacted adversely by their own life experiences, as well as through the Covid-19 pandemic.


1.2          A steering group was formed to oversee the project and to receive reports testing out the ‘proof of concept’ for working with Care Leavers in this new way. Funding was allocated in October 2021 to provide Personalised Health Budgets (PHB’s) for care experienced 16 –25-year-olds. The project was funded to add support capacity and included a Project Manager, part time Mental Health Specialist from within the local Health Trust and administrative support. The project had successfully processed 277 PHB’s by the end of March 2023, and this reached approximately half of the care experienced cohort worked with by the Through Care Service.


1.3          The primary driving hypothesis was that to reach and engage a marginalised group with

predominantly poor health outcomes, it would be more effective to use the social prescribing model within an existing county wide social care provision, using existing Social Workers and Personal Advisors in a social prescribing/link worker role. 


2              Supporting information


2.1       The full report is at Appendix A.


3          Conclusion and reasons for recommendations


3.1       Members are asked to note the update.














Director of Children’s Services


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