Report to:

Corporate Parenting Panel



25 July 2023



Director of Children’s Services


Title of report:

CiCC Children in Care Council (CiCC) presentation and Bright Spots survey – Health and Well-being verbal update



of report:

To update the Corporate Parenting Panel on  Children in Care’s experience of health and well-being services    





The Corporate Parenting Panel is recommended to note the contents of the update



1          Background


1.1       The Your Life, Your Care survey of the views of looked after children and young people aged 4-18 in East Sussex took place in July 2022.  Part of the Bright Spots Programme, this collaboration between Coram Voice and Oxford University supports Local Authorities to understand the subjective well-being of children in care and care leavers.           


1.2       The section of the survey which considers ‘Support with Worries’ identifies that studies of looked after populations show that children’s level of difficulties are higher than those of their peers.  This trend is also evident in East Sussex, with between 10% and 17% (by age) of those who responded reporting that they ‘feel worried all or most of the time’.  Children also reported positive support, with between 80% and 94% (by age) of children who reported feeling worried also reporting that they were getting help.


2          Supporting information


2.1       Children in Care and Care Leavers will provide a verbal account of their experience of their health and well-being journey.


3          Recommendation


3.1       The Corporate Parenting Panel is recommended to note the contents of the update.




Director of Children’s Services


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