Article 5 - Chairing the Council


5.01    Role and function of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman


The Chairman and Vice-Chairman will be elected by the Council annually. The incumbent Chairman and Vice Chairman will determine the terms by which they wish to be addressed for their term of office. The Chairman (and in their absence, the Vice-Chairman) will have the following roles and functions:


(a)       to uphold and promote the purposes of the Constitution, and to interpret the Constitution when necessary;


(b)       to preside over meetings of the Council so that its business can be carried out efficiently and with regard to the rights of councillors and the interests of the community;


(c)        to ensure that the Council meeting is a forum for the debate of matters of concern to the local community and the place at which members who are not on the Cabinet are able to hold the Cabinet to account;


(d)       to promote public involvement in the Council's activities;


(e)       to be the conscience of the Council; and


(f)        to attend civic and ceremonial functions as the principal representative of the County (except where a political representative is appropriate in which case the Leader, or another member of the Cabinet will represent the County Council).