Article 8 - Regulatory and other committees


8.01    Regulatory and other committees


The Council will appoint the committees set out in Part 3 of this Constitution to discharge the functions that are not the responsibility of the Leader and the Cabinet.


8.02    Composition of the Regulatory Committee


            (a)       A member of the Cabinet will not be permitted to serve on the Regulatory Committee or undertake any of its functions. They may attend if invited so to do, or as an observer of the Planning Committee;


            (b)       Members of the Planning Committee should not take part in the decision making on a planning matter in which they are involved as a local member, apart from attend the meeting(s) and expressing the views of their constituents: unless the matter is one on which the majority of members of the Regulatory Committee are similarly affected and the Committee would be unable to act;


            (c)        Members whose professional or personal interests might create regular conflict of interest in matters coming before the Planning Committee should not be appointed to the Committee. Separate provisions about giving notice to the Assistant Chief Executive where a member is about to act in a professional or private capacity in any matter in which the Council has an interest is contained in Standing Order 64.1 (see Council Procedure Rules in Part 4 of the Constitution).