Ofsted ILACS Action Plan 2024


Improvement Area




The quality of plans for children and care leavers so that they are all specific, measurable and timebound

Child's Plan and Care Leavers Pathway plan steering group to develop enhanced guidance and implement workforce development plan to strengthen consistency of SMART plans.


Case audits to include greater focus on plans being specific, measurable and timebound.   

Nicola McGeown (Principal Social Worker)


Chris Jackson (HoS Locality)


Sally Carnie (HoS Looked After Children)

May 2024

The recording of management oversight, supervision and direction.

Relaunch of Supervision policy across all Practice Managers and Operational Managers.


Further development of guidance on recording with mandatory attendance at training.


Supervision audit redesigned to include sharper focus on recording of management oversight and challenge

Nicola McGeown, (Principal Social Worker)

June 2024

The oversight, timeliness and rigour of the response to children:

(i) experiencing neglect, including children in the Public Law Outline pre proceedings and




(ii) in private fostering arrangements.

Roll out of Neglect Toolkit across teams


Implementation of multi-agency neglect forum.


Implement improvements to Public Outline Tracker and include in performance reporting dashboard.


Deliver targeted training on parental assessments to improve timeliness.




Revise and implement procedures regarding visits in private fostering cases (language schools).

Nicola McGeown, (Principal Social Worker)



Chris Jackson, (HoS Locality)



Chris Jackson, (HoS Locality)





Jo Nash, Strategic Lead MASH & DAT

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March 2024



June 2024





April 2024