Planning Committee



13 March 2024


Report by:

Director of Communities, Economy and Transport


Title of Report

Traffic Regulation Order – U3016 Harrow Lane, St Leonards on Sea


Purpose of Report

To consider the objection received in response to the formal consultation on the draft Traffic Regulation Order associated with the development of Land to the east of Harrow Lane and west of 777 and 779 The Ridge, St Leonards on Sea.



Contact Officer:   


Mark Weston – 01273 482242


Local Member:


Councillor Pragnell





The Planning Committee is recommended to:


1)    Not uphold the objection to the draft Order as set out in paragraph 2.2 of this report; and


2)    Recommend to the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport that the draft Traffic Regulation Order be made as advertised.





1.            Introduction


1.1       Planning permission for a residential development of 67 dwellings at Land to the east of Harrow Lane and west of 777 and 779 The Ridge, St Leonards on Sea, TN37 7PT was granted by the Planning Inspectorate in October 2022 (Planning application reference HS/FA/20/00970) having previously been refused planning permission by Hastings Borough Council. A requirement of the Section 106 agreement is for the developer to make a financial contribution towards the implementation of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for additional parking restrictions (Double Yellow Lines) in Harrow Lane. The proposed parking restrictions are intended to keep a section of the carriageway clear of parked vehicles to enable safe manoeuvring and passing of vehicles at and on the approaches to the new junction (the development access).


1.2       An initial consultation on the proposal was carried out between 21 June 2023 and 14 July 2023 with the local District and County Councillors, and statutory consultees including the emergency services and bus companies.


1.3       On 22 December 2023, the County Council gave notice under the relevant section of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended), that it was proposing to make a Traffic Regulation Order. A copy of the draft Traffic Regulation Order is included in Appendix 1. Copies of the advertised Notice of proposals were placed on posts in Harrow Lane.  Copies of the proposals were also placed on deposit in County Hall reception for viewing by members of the public, as well as on the County Council’s Consultation website. In addition, the Public Notice was advertised in the local newspaper (The Hastings Observer) on 22 December 2023. Statutory Consultees were also contacted again to make them aware of the formal consultation. The formal period for representations ended on 19 January 2024.


1.4       The proposals are as follows:


·         To introduce No Waiting at Any Time in the following road,

Harrow Lane – north-west side – from the southwestern boundary of 207 Harrow Lane for 97.5 metres north-eastwards then northwards


1.5       The proposed double yellow lines were part of the aforementioned planning application on the basis that Harrow Lane is a bus route, as well as being a route used by Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), and the introduction of a new access to a major development requires a section of the carriageway to be clear of parked vehicles to enable safe manoeuvring and passing of vehicles. This issue was highlighted  in the independent Road Safety Audit carried out on the proposed design.  Furthermore, a new pedestrian crossing point is part of the proposal and parked cars would restrict pedestrian visibility. This crossing point serves both the development and the Public Right of Way (PROW Ref: HAS 141/142) which crosses Harrow Lane at this point.  For these reasons, the Highway Authority agreed with the need for the proposed double yellow lines at the planning application stage.


2.            Comments and Appraisal


2.1       During the formal consultation period, one item of correspondence was received objecting to the proposal.  The objection stated the following;


“I would like to lodge my objection to this proposal.


This will take away valuable parking space for residents. The road condition is absolutely horrendous and if you take away those silly barriers there will be plenty of room for vehicles to pass, like you've been doing safely for the past 100 years.

Make the entrance to the new blot on the landscape monstrosity development wider- any new development should be designed to be safe without extra measures having to be done like punishing existing residents.

The red lines on the drawing don't match the length in the advert.


You are supposed to consider the provision of parking needs for existing and new residents. What mitigating factors will you be putting in place for the 25 parking spaces you are removing?

You will just force people further down the hill and cause accidents.”


2.2       It is not considered that the objection received provides sufficient grounds to warrant the withdrawal of the proposal. It is also not considered possible to amend the proposal and still meet the aims set out in paragraph 1.5. The TRO relates solely to the approved development and is a mitigation measure for it.


2.3       The loss of parking in Harrow Lane was objected to by residents at the time of the original planning application, along with several other issues. The scheme was ultimately granted planning permission including a requirement to progress the proposed double yellow lines. It should be noted that the loss of parking was not a reason given by Hastings Borough Council for refusing planning permission originally prior to it being granted on appeal.


2.4       Sites south of this one at Harrow Lane Playing Fields and Ashdown House have also received planning permission for residential development and are being built out. These developments will increase traffic flows in Harrow Lane once occupied. Additional Double Yellow Lines have been installed adjacent to the Harrow Lane Playing Field site south of this proposal to ensure that section of carriageway is also kept clear to improve road safety.


3.            Conclusion and reasons for recommendation


3.1       This proposal seeks to address road safety concerns associated with the residential development at Land to the east of Harrow Lane and west of 777 and 779 The Ridge, St Leonards on Sea, which is currently being built. It is considered that the concerns raised by the objector should not be upheld and the proposals should proceed as per the advertised Traffic Regulation Order.


3.2       It is recommended that the Planning Committee recommends to the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport that the draft Order be made as advertised.




Director of Communities, Economy and Transport

29 February 2024