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Scrutiny Review of Road Repairs

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Information about Scrutiny Review of Road Repairs



Many residents do not understand the Council’s approach to pothole repairs, with the public questioning why some potholes are repaired and others nearby are not. People do not believe this represents value for money and that it would be more economic to repair all the potholes at the same time rather than coming back repeatedly to the same location.


In response to this a small group of Councillors have undertaken a number of site visits to look at the issues on the ground.

The main themes that emerged from the initial scoping work are:

·       Whether the current approach to pot hole repairs is the right approach and represents value for money;

·       The quality of the repair and resurfacing work; and

·       The time it takes to repair blocked drainage infrastructures once it is reported, either by a member of public, or following routine inspection or maintenance.


At the Place Scrutiny Committee meeting held on 14 June, it was agreed that the Committee would undertake a Scrutiny Review of Road Repairs. The terms of reference for the review are summarised below.


Scope of the Review


The review has been completed and it investigated how the interface between reactive road maintenance and planned surfacing work is managed, and whether it could be changed or improved. It also examined whether the approach the Council is taking to highway repairs for potholes and blocked drainage infrastructure is the best approach, and whether it represents value for money. In the case of blocked drainage infrastructure, once this is reported for further investigation/action, the review investigated the process for resolving the problem. The repair of pavements was also included in the scope of the review.


Date for Report to the Place Scrutiny Committee


The Review has been completed and Review Board has submitted a report of its finding and recommendations to the Place Scrutiny Committee on 19 March 2019.


The report has been considered by the Council’s Cabinet at its meeting on 23 April 2019 and the department’s response to the recommendations has been agreed by Cabinet. A copy of the report and department’s response can be found on the council’s web site here:


The report of the Place Scrutiny Committee will now be considered by Full Council at the meeting on 14 May 2019.