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Scrutiny Review of Highway Drainage

Purpose of committee

The Scrutiny Review of Highway Drainage examined the factors that lead to the efficient and effective management of highways drainage infrastructure in order to prolong the life of the carriageway surface, prevent flooding and ensure road safety. It examined all the factors involved with highways drainage including:

·         the arrangements for gulley emptying;

·         the maintenance of drainage ditches and grips (grips are small channels which connect the drainage ditch with the edge of the road);

·         maintenance and renewal of highway drainage pipes and culverts; and

·         the impact of street cleansing on highway drainage. 



The Scrutiny Review has been completed and the report of the review board was agreed by the Economy, Transport and Environment (ETE) Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on the 16 March 2016.


The report was presented to the Council’s Cabinet on the 26 April 2016 (item 6a), which was accompanied by the response to the review’s recommendations by the Communities, Economy and Transport department (item 6b). Please click on the link below if you would like to see a copy of the reports:


The Scrutiny Review report and the implementation of the recommendations were agreed at the meeting of the County Council on 10 May 2016. An update report on the implementation of the review’s recommendations will be presented to the ETE Scrutiny Committee in March 2017.



Contact information

Support officer: Martin Jenks. Senior Democratic Services Advisor

Phone: 01273 481327