Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Carriageway Patching Report28/06/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Petition for the construction of a pedestrian crossing on the B2096 Battle Road outside Punnetts Town Community Primary School28/06/2024For Determination23/09/2024
Local Growth Fund - Eastbourne and South Wealden Walking and Cycling Package (ESWWCP)28/06/2024For Determination17/09/2024
Council Monitoring Quarter 128/06/2024For Determination26/09/2024
Annual progress report on becoming a carbon neutral Council28/06/2024For Determination26/09/2024
Homes for Ukraine - Extension of Support into Work Programme21/06/2024For Determination23/07/2024
East Sussex Economic Prosperity Strategy 2024 - 205031/05/2024For Determination26/09/2024
Local Government Association (LGA) Peer Challenge of Adult Social Care31/05/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Award of Phase 2 property contract for Adult Social Care's Supported Living Programme (Grangemead)31/05/2024For Determination08/2024
Hastings Town Centre Public Realm and Green Connections consultation31/05/2024Item Deferred15/07/2024
Award of Phase 2 property contract for Adult Social Care's Supported Living Programme (Jasmine)31/05/2024For Determination08/2024
Local Transport Plan 4 - adoption31/05/2024For Determination26/09/2024
Provision of Water, Wastewater and Ancillary Services31/05/2024For Determination07/2024
Request for Waiver - Direct Award of a contract without competition - South Brockwells Farm31/05/2024For DeterminationBetween 10/07/2024 and 23/07/2024
Planned Maintenance Contractor Framework 2024-2028 (re-procurement)31/05/2024For Determination08/2024
2024-2030 Excellence For All31/05/2024For Determination25/07/2024
New property arrangements for Rye Sports Centre31/05/2024Item Deferred03/09/2024
Sussex Integrated Care Strategy Shared Delivery Plan (SDP) year 2 refresh21/05/2024For Determination19/07/2024
County Hall campus - asset review30/04/2024Item Deferred15/10/2024
Internal Audit Annual Report and Opinion 2023/2430/04/2024For Determination16/07/2024
Ashdown Forest Trust Fund 2023/2430/04/2024For Determination16/07/2024
West Rise Community Infant School and West Rise Junior School28/03/2024Item Deferred10/09/2024
Response to Defra consultations on implementing Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 201031/08/2023Item Deferred23/09/2024