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Hands off our No7 Bus

We the undersigned petition the council to ensure that the vital No7 bus which serves the elderly and isolated around the St Helens ward area is retained, and that the Council includes residents and local councillors in any discussions had with Stagecoach about this issue.

Over the last few weeks we have heard from our bus drivers that there is a real risk of changes to the NO26 and 26A which is important to all of us, but more worrying is that they keep repeating that the No7 service will be stopped!!!

I don’t need to tell you that this would be a disaster for our Ashford road residents who rely on this vital service. We collectively must fight to retain this route, just as we all are getting back on the bus since Covid and now they are threatening to cancel a service that is heavily subsided by the parking surplus agreement we secured many years ago when they were talking about stopping it before.

I’m meeting with Stagecoach in the first week of September and I am taking resident Peter Robson with me, who as many of you know uses the NO7 every day, to make sure they know the importance of this service to us and to hear about what plans they have for all the bus services that serve our St Helens area.

Before that meeting we need to show the strength of feeling about any changes to our limited but so important bus service.

So I am suggesting we all meet up to Demonstrate on Wednesday 7th of September at 9.00 am. Just before the 9.30 NO7 arrives At the bus stop opp Hole farm Close (56 Ashford Rd) bring a placard!!

Our number 7 bus, is linked to the NO27 and the NO347 so I will be reaching out to the residents who use that service as well to ensure we get as many people to the demonstration as possible.

In addition there is real concern that the N026 is to be reduced as well and the impact that will have on hundreds of people getting to the Conquest from the St Helens area. All this when we are supposed to using public transport more to save the planet

This ePetition runs from 01/09/2022 to 13/10/2022.

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