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New roundabout on A26 South Heighton, Newhaven

We the undersigned petition the council to look into developing the vast area occupied by the very dangerous junction between A26 and B2109 Avis Road in South Heighton / Denton area of Newhaven into a full size roundabout

Dear councillors, yet another accident on the notorious South Heighton junction. This time a motorcyclist who had to be air lifted from the scene. How many more accidents and potential fatalities do we need to highlight how dangerous this junction is?

People queue for 5-10 minutes every morning to merge from the B2109 onto the A26 towards Beddingham - frequently the motorists merge in a dangerous manner under preassure from the motorist behind them. Does the council wait until the death and injury toll reaches a certain level? Hope not.

The area is vast enough to build a full size roundabout capable of safe passage of even the biggest lorries which travel the A26 towards and from the ferry terminal. There will be minimal requirement for additional land NW of the A26, if any.

The reduction in speed the vehicles have to achieve to negotiate the new roundabout will force traffic travelling northbound on the A26 past all the industrial estates to slow down as well which will be a welcome occurrence for all working or doing business there.

We need this roundabout. It can only save lives, save hardship and insurance claims and it will be a welcome addition to the infrastructure, especially by the stressed out and frequently risk taking motorists heading towards Beddingham from Denton.

Thank you.

This ePetition runs from 08/07/2020 to 19/08/2020.

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