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Hawth Hill, Seaford

We the undersigned petition the council to repair/resurface Hawth Hill, Bishopstone. Repeated concerns have been raised by residents about the potholes in the road. The County Council has admitted that the road surface is "untidy" and down to the concrete base in a number of areas, Recently, double yellow lines have been painted over the potholes The Hawth Hill area is a dense residential area and Hawth Hill is the only access road into the estate. It is a narrow road with parking permitted on one side of the road which makes it difficult for cars, cyclists and pedestrians to avoid the potholes which are increasingly dangerous. It is also a bus route into the estate and residents are concerned that if the road is not properly repaired they may lose this bus service.

Action Needs to be taken to remedy the road surface at Hawth Hill as a matter of urgency

This ePetition runs from 17/02/2021 to 17/04/2021.

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