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Safeguarding relief road route for Eastbourne Town Centre

We the undersigned petition the council to Compulsorily purchase or otherwise permanently safeguard the Serco Yard site on Whitley Road, Eastbourne to allow for the future construction of a link road between the Town Centre and the A22/Lottbridge Drove.

Eastbourne town centre, and particularly the area to the east including Seaside, are a perpetual traffic & pollution nightmare.

The bulk of this traffic is 'through traffic' that has to flow east-west in order to access the major retail parks on Lottbridge Drove. Seaside bears the brunt of this traffic, the majority of which is channelled from further west down the A2270 & A259 through the town centre & down Seaside, before reaching Lottbridge Drove.

A simple, long-term solution to this environmental & infrastructure nightmare exists - reorientate the junction between the A259 & The Avenue to direct the flow of 'through traffic' down The Avenue towards Whitley Road and then build a new link road from Whitley Road, through the Serco Yard alongside the railway up and across the marsh to meet either the A2280 at the Wilfred Hospice Roundabout or the A2290 to the south of the Lottbridge Golf Club.

This would divert the bulk of traffic away from the Town Centre, allwoing for greater pedestrianisation, improved air quality & faster journey times to the main retail zone in the town.

The lynchpin to this idea is the Serco Yard site, Pump House and the land that runs parallel to the west of the railway.

I beleive this land should either be permanently safeguarded from development, or compulsorily purchased by ESCC in order that this relief link road can be built in the future, or at least evaluated in full by ESCC.

This ePetition ran from 07/06/2021 to 20/09/2021 and has now finished.

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