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Ban Glyphosate In public spaces and near wildlife areas in Newhaven and East Sussex

We the undersigned petition the council to We Call on ESCC To ban the use of Glyphosate across the county and following other councils in using alternatives. If not willing to do the above then we ask for the below. To Ban the use near any water course and parks with immediate effect. To Phase out the use of Glyphosate on pavements and in public areas. To make Newhaven the first Glyphosate free town and ban the use here with immediate effects and use proven alternatives that are safer.

IN 2015 the World Health Organisation declared that Glyphosate the worlds most commonly used herbicide was a probable carcinogenic in Humans, there is little debate that it is a carcinogenic in animals.

There are a number of countries around the world that have now banned the use of Glyphosate and numerous councils throughout the UK have now banned them also, with Lewes DC slowly fading out its use. Bayer has now had to pay out £11 Billion in lawsuit due to the effects Glyphosate have had on individuals' health.

Glyphosate is a strong weed killer, you only have to see where it's sprayed to see the effects it is having on our environment. On 07/06/2021 ESCC where witnessed spraying near a wildlife pond, when challenged on social media ESCC confirmed Glyphosate was being used, which is frightening given the effects it has on animals health.

We know there are links to cancer by the use Glyphosate though this is disputed but as above it has so far cost Bayer £11Billion, the WHO has said there are probable links and we need to protect our children from its potential effects so these products should not be used in parks and public spaces including our footpaths.

This petition isn’t yet focussing on our farming industry; we appreciate that there are lack of alternatives and the farming industry would be affected greatly, we would welcome local farmers moving away from Glyphosate based weed killers to alternatives but we appreciate the farming industry is currently badly affected by Brexit and covid19. We do believe at some point that there will be a move away but that has to be when the time's right and allows protection for the industry.

This ePetition ran from 15/06/2021 to 27/12/2021 and has now finished.

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