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To approve the business case for submission of the planning application for extension of Lansdowne Secure Unit

Meeting: 11/12/2017 - Lead Member for Children and Families (Item 3)

3 Proposed Extension of Lansdowne Secure Children's Home pdf icon PDF 240 KB

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3.1       The Lead Member for Children and Families considered a report by the Director of Children’s Services which presented the business case for extending Lansdowne Secure Children’s Home.  The Lead Member also considered the written comments of Councillor Galley. 


3.2       The Lead Member RESOLVED to: (1) note the work of the project group when considering the benefits and risks associated with a proposed expansion; and


(2) agree to extend the current number of beds at Lansdowne Secure Children’s Home from 7 to 11/12.




3.3       The business case takes into account the current performance of the service, the cost of operations, the charges that can be applied to placements and the level of demand that are known and anticipated for such placements.  There are a number of risks that are recognised in respect of operating a secure unit, and increasing capacity also increases the financial risk of earning income from placements outside of ESCC to cover operating costs.  However it is considered that the benefits outweigh the risks.