The East Sussex County Council website lets you create an online petition which can be shared via social media such as Twitter and Facebook (by copying the web address of the petition page), and circulated in print.

Guidance on creating and submitting online petitions

Note: A petition may only be signed by those who live, work or study in East Sussex. Each signatory to a petition should include their name and address (business, home or place of study).

If you want to submit a petition to one of the district or borough councils in East Sussex, please use the following links:

Title Respondents Deadline to sign by
Reject the 'core offer' 292 26/12/2019
Closure of Rural Broad Oak Community Primary School 1226 31/12/2019
Petition to introduce double yellow lines on both sides of Meads Road from number 33 to the junction with Carlisle Road 3 31/01/2020
Divest the East Sussex Pension Fund from Fossil Fuels 178 10/07/2020
The Future of the Isabel Blackman Centre Hastings 166 Finished

Presenting your petition at council meetings

If you have been involved in organising a petition, you should talk to your local councillor about having it presented at a local council meeting.

Petitions are only presented if they are about matters for which the Council is responsible.

Find your county councillor

What happens to a petition?

The Chairman receives petitions from councillors immediately before full Council meetings. Often the Chairman refers petitions to the Cabinet or a Lead Member (a member of the Cabinet with an area of special responsibility) for consideration. Where this is done, one signatory to the petition is invited to address the decision making body about the petition.

Our Petitions Scheme describes the process of presenting a petition in more detail. The sections ‘Full council debates’ and ‘Officer evidence’ set out how many signatures are needed to trigger a full council debate, or require a senior council officer to give evidence at a public meeting:

How we handle petitions - our Petitions Scheme