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Strategic Partnership Update

Meeting: 06/07/2018 - Orbis Joint Committee (Item 8)

8 Orbis Reviews pdf icon PDF 190 KB

A number of reviews will be taking place throughout May to September 2018. This report is to ensure that the Joint Committee continues to be informed on developments within the partnership.


8.1     Officers introduced the report which highlighted the reviews which were being carried out by Ernst & Young to identify areas which could be reduced in the future as financial pressure on Local Authorities was likely to continue and cuts to the back office were likely to be required. The report also covered the reviews taking place at Surrey which would become part of a wider strategic review at the Council.


8.2     Councillor Clack stated that she felt that the new team of people who had been brought in at Surrey would be able to bring the County up to the level it should be at and to quickly address the existing issues in Children’s Services.


8.3     Councillor Elkin stated that he felt these reviews were important as Council’s would have to make more cuts and it was important to know where future savings may come from.


8.4     RESOLVED: That the Committee noted the report.