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Wealden Local Plan - Proposed Submission Consultation

Meeting: 17/09/2018 - Lead Member for Transport and Environment (Item 22)

22 Wealden Local Plan - Proposed Submission Consultation pdf icon PDF 241 KB


22.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport, together with information regarding further work on transport and education provision modelling as a result of a late increase in the housing provision figure by Wealden District Council.


22.2     Mr Chris Elphick and Mr Nick Kersey spoke to raise highway concerns about proposed development in Heathfield.




22.3     RESOLVED to (1) agree the views on the Local Plan summarised in paragraph 2.1 of the report, and set out more fully in the Appendix as the basis for representations on the Wealden Local Plan Proposed Submission; and


(2) authorise the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport to elaborate upon and add to those views as necessary for submission to Wealden District Council. 




22.4     The County Council needs to agree the basis for representations being submitted on the Wealden Local Plan Proposed Submission.  The level of growth that is planned will require substantial County Council infrastructure.


22.5     Wealden District Council has increased its allocation by some 3000 new homes, that is to say  from 11,456 to 14,228 which leaves this authority exposed to a significant risk around our Capital Programme.  This is despite many years of close working through the joint “Roadmap” forum.  Previous planning by this authority will need to be re-worked in light of this significant change.


22.6     In order to manage the risks to public services, our own budgets, as well as that of infrastructural failure, the County Council will consider whether and when to request the inclusion of a “Grampian Condition” in permissions which would seek to prevent occupation of new housing until needed infrastructure, particularly around schools and roads, has been put in place.