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Pensions Administration report

Meeting: 30/11/2020 - Pension Committee (Item 50)

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50.1     The Committee considered a report providing an update to the Pension Committee on matters relating to Pensions Administration activities.

50.2     It was clarified that this year 1,296 Annual Benefit Statements (ABS) were not produced compared to 15k last year and the figure is  now comparable to other administering authorities. The reduction in unproduced statements is largely as the result of a member tracing exercise that found addresses for a large number of gone away deferred members. There will be a repeat tracing exercise on a bi-annual basis from now on to help ensure the number stays low.

50.3     The Committee RESOLVED to:

1) Note the updates;

2) Note the progress of management in implementing the agreed actions arising from the internal audit report (Appendix 7);

3) Note the proposed Pension Administration Team (PAT) structure and estimated costs following transition from share service arrangements (Appendix 3).