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Reallocation of Community Match underspend to Road Safety schemes

Meeting: 21/02/2022 - Lead Member for Transport and Environment (Item 43)

43 Reallocation of Community Match underspend to Road Safety schemes pdf icon PDF 307 KB

Report by the Director of Communities Economy and Transport.

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43.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport.




43.2     The Lead Member RESOLVED to:


(1) Approve the allocation of £0.750m from the current Community Match underspend to provide community focused road safety interventions;


(2) Approve that any future in-year underspend within the allocated Community Match budget be reallocated to fund additional community focused road safety interventions; and


(3) Approve the proposed two stage appraisal process and criteria, and delegate authority to the Director Communities, Economy and Transport to approve any future amendments to the appraisal process.




43.3     Fewer Community Match schemes than anticipated being taken forward to construction has led to an underspend accruing. With the level of supressed demand relating to road safety interventions this funding could be re-allocated to address a range of road safety and community concerns. Reallocation of £0.750m of the historic Community Match underspend will enable the County Council to deliver a range of community focused road safety interventions.


43.4     To ensure a clear and efficient allocation of the available funding, the Department will use a two stage appraisal process and criteria.


43.5     Existing Community Match schemes that are currently going through the design, and ultimately delivery, process would still be funded from the annual Community Match allocation and the remaining underspend of £0.240m.


43.6     To ensure an efficient use of any future Community Match allocation, any in-year underspend is also allocated, on an annual basis, to deliver further road safety interventions that would provide benefit to local communities.