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Scrutiny Review of Procurement: Social Value and Buying Local

Meeting: 18/04/2023 - Cabinet (Item 49)

49 Scrutiny Review of Procurement of Social Value and Buying Local - Report of the Place Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 390 KB

Report by Assistant Chief Executive.

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49.1     The Cabinet considered a report by the Assistant Chief Executive and a report by the Chief Operating Officer with observations on the Scrutiny Committee’s report.

49.2       It was RESOLVED to:

1)    Note and welcome the report of the Place Scrutiny Committee; and


2)    Recommend the County Council to welcome the report and to agree the response of the Chief Operating Officer to the recommendations and their implementation as set out in the action plan attached as appendix 1 to the Chief Operating Officer’s report.


49.3     The Scrutiny review has been welcomed as it provided an opportunity to review the procurement of social value and buying local. 


Meeting: 28/03/2023 - Place Scrutiny Committee (Item 29)

29 Scrutiny Review of Procurement: Social Value and Buying Local pdf icon PDF 131 KB

Report by the Chair of the Review Board.

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29.1     The Chair of the Review Board, Councillor Chris Collier introduced the report of the Review Board on the Scrutiny Review of Procurement: Social Value and Buying Local. He thanked the other Board members who were Councillors Julia Hilton and Paul Redstone, and the officers and other witnesses who took part in the review. Councillor Julia Hilton and Councillor Paul Redstone also commented on the report.

29.2     The Chief Operating Officer outlined that the report was very well received by the Procurement Team and the department is happy to take forward the findings and recommendations from the review. The Head of Policy & Improvement, Orbis Procurement also welcomed the review and outlined that the Team is happy with the recommendations of the review and will be taking them forward. Councillor Bennett, Lead Member for Resources and Climate Change thanked everyone for the report and the work that they had done.

29.3     There were no questions on the report from the Committee.

29.4     The Committee RESOLVED to endorse the report of the Review Board, and make recommendations to Cabinet for comment, and County Council for approval.