Agenda and minutes

Cabinet - Tuesday, 22nd January, 2019 10.00 am

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Minutes of the meeting held on 11 December 2018 pdf icon PDF 120 KB

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43.1     The minutes of the Cabinet meeting held on 11 December 2018 were agreed as a correct record.



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44.1     Copies of the reports referred to below are included in the minute book.


Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources pdf icon PDF 396 KB

Report by the Chief Executive

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45.1     The Cabinet considered a report by the Chief Executive, together with further information received following publication of the Cabinet agenda including a summary of the consultation meeting held with Trade Unions and additional comments from the Place Scrutiny Committee.


45.2     It was RESOLVED to:


1.    Recommend the County Council to:

i.        Approve in principle the draft Council Plan at Appendix 4 and authorise the Chief Executive to finalise the Plan in consultation with the relevant Lead Members;

ii.       Increase  Council Tax by 2.99%;

iii.      Issue precepts accordingly to be paid by Borough and District Councils in accordance with the agreed schedule of instalments at Appendix 5;

iv.      Approve the net Revenue Budget estimate of £375m for 2019/20 set out in Appendix 1 (Medium Term Financial Plan) and Appendix 2 (Budget Summary) and authorise the Chief Operating Officer, in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer, Leader and Deputy Leader, to make adjustments to the presentation of the Budget Summary to reflect the final settlement and final budget decisions;

v.       Approve the Capital Strategy and Programme for 2018–2023 at Appendix 7;

vi.      Note the Medium Term Financial Plan forecast for 2019/20 to 2021/22, set out in Appendix 1;

vii.     Note the comments of the Chief Finance Officer on budget risks and robustness, as set out in Appendix 8;

viii.    Note the comments from engagement exercises set out in Appendix 9; and

ix.      Note the schedule of fees and charges that have increased above inflation at Appendix 6.


2.         agree that Chief Officers consult, where appropriate, on the savings proposals set out in Appendix 3



45.3     The financial challenge the Council faces is considerable and the choices between saving and spending areas are difficult. In making recommendations to Cabinet, officers have tried to be as transparent as possible about their thinking and how they have tried to balance the needs of all residents and businesses in the County for services and the affordability of those services to Council Tax payers.




Core Offer Engagement pdf icon PDF 90 KB

Report by Chief Executive

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46.1     The Cabinet considered a report by the Chief Executive.


46.2     It was RESOLVED – to note the report and agree to continue the discussion about the Core Offer approach to inform Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources




46.3     The results of consultation have confirmed the value of the transparency of the Core Offer model and the conversation it enables us to have with local residents, partners, staff and businesses. The responses confirm the proposed Core Offer represents the minimum expected from East Sussex County Council in this time of continued austerity and that residents would have considerable concerns if the Council were to consider restricting services to a level below what has been identified in the Core Offer. The results of the consultation exercise will be used to influence our lobbing with Government and in conversations with partners and stakeholders. It will also inform the work on our priority setting, budget deliberations and development of services as part of the work leading up to the next State of the County report in the summer.


Treasury Management Policy and Strategy 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 859 KB

Report by Chief Operating Officer

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47.1     The Cabinet considered a report by the Chief Operating Officer


47.2It was RESOLVED – to recommend the County Council to:


1)              approve the Treasury Management Policy and Strategy Statement for 2019/20;

2)            approve the Annual Investment Strategy for 2019/20;

3)            approve the Prudential and Treasury Indicators 2019/20 to 2021/22; and

4)            approve the revised Minimum Revenue Provision Policy Statement 2019/20 at Appendix A (section 3)




47.3     This policy sets out the acceptable limits on ratings, investment periods, amounts to be invested and the borrowing strategy. The financial position is kept under constant review and if at any time it is felt that any of these limits represent an unacceptable risk appropriate and immediate action will be taken accordingly.


Scrutiny Review: Schools coping with change - report of the People Scrutiny Committee pdf icon PDF 145 KB

Report by Assistant Chief Executive

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48.1     The Cabinet considered a report by the People Scrutiny Committee and a report by the Director of Children’s Services with observations on the Scrutiny Committee’s report.


48.2     It was RESOLVED to:

 1) note the report of the Scrutiny Committee: and

 2) recommend the County Council to welcome the report of the Scrutiny Committee and to agree the response of the Director of Children’s Services to the recommendations and their implementation as set out in the action plan attached as Appendix 1 to the Director’s report.



48.3     The Scrutiny Review has provided a useful insight into some of the current challenges for schools and potential for further change in relation to their organisation, funding and governance




Schools Coping with Change: Observations on the Scrutiny Committee's report pdf icon PDF 129 KB

Report by Director of Children’s Services

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To agree which items are to be reported to the County Council

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50.1     The Cabinet agreed that items 5, 7, 8 and 9 should be reported to the County Council.

[Note: The items being reported to the County Council refer to minute numbers 45, 47, 48 and 49]


Conservators of Ashdown Forest Budget 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 463 KB

Report by Chief Operating Officer

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49.1     The Cabinet considered a report by the Chief Operating Officer


49.2     It was RESOLVED to:


1)         approve the Conservators’ budget for 2019/20;

2)         recommend to the County Council the annual contribution of £30,000 for 2019/20 from Communities, Economy and Transport (CET) budget; and

3)         approve the annual grant for 2019/20 from the Trust Fund of £65,100



49.3     The County Council has a statutory obligation to meet the shortfall between approved expenditure and income of the Conservators and it has responsibility for approving the level of expenditure.