Agenda and minutes

Full Council - Tuesday, 7th July, 2020 10.00 am

Venue: Council Chamber, County Hall, Lewes. View directions

Contact: Andy Cottell  01273 481935


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Minutes of the meeting held on 12 May 2020 pdf icon PDF 132 KB

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9.1       RESOLVED – to confirm as a correct record the minutes of the County Council meeting held on 12 May 2020.


Apologies for absence

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10.1     Apologies for absence were received on behalf of Councillors Jim Sheppard, John Ungar and Steve Wallis. On behalf of the Council the Chairman sent Councillor Ungar his best wishes.


Chairman's business

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11.1     The Chairman reminded all attending that holding remote meetings is a learning process and that the Council endeavouring to maintain business as usual as best we can.




11.2     The following petitions were presented before the meeting by members:


Councillor Charman                                                                                            

- calling on the County Council to ban the use of Glyphosate on roadsides, pavements and green spaces in Hastings 


Councillor Galley                                                                                            

- calling on the County Council to consider road safety improvements at Tyes Cross at the Plawhatch Lane/Grinstead Lane junction and the Plawhatch Lane/twittern from Chilling Street





Questions from members of the public pdf icon PDF 455 KB

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12.1     Copies of the questions received from members of the public and the answers from Councillor Fox (Chair of the Pension Committee) and Councillor Claire Dowling (Lead Member for Transport and Environment) are attached to these minutes.


Declarations of interest

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13.1     The following members declared personal interests in items on the agenda as follows:



Position giving rise to interest

Agenda item


Whether interest was prejudicial



Councillor Grover



Employee of the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service



Item 9






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14.1     The Chairman of the County Council having called over the reports set out in the agenda, reserved the following for discussion:


Cabinet report – paragraph 2 (Council monitoring quarter 4), paragraph 3 (coronavirus update), paragraph 4 (East Sussex Environment Strategy) and paragraph 5 (Ashdown Forest Trust)

Governance Committee report – paragraph 4 (Health and Wellbeing Board terms of reference)

Standards Committee report – paragraph 1 (annual report)


East Sussex Fire Authority report (April meeting) – paragraph 2 (Risk Management Plan)




14.2     On the motion of the County Council, the Council ADOPTED those paragraphs in the reports that had not been reserved for discussion as follows:


Cabinet report – paragraph 1 (Council monitoring quarter 3)

Governance Committee report – paragraph 1 (Pension Board and Pension Committee terms of reference), paragraph 2 (Review of the Members’ Allowances Scheme), paragraph 3 (Virtual meetings supplementary Standing Orders including additional recommendation circulated regarding Councillor Ungar) and paragraph 5 (disciplinary process for senior officers)


Report of the Cabinet pdf icon PDF 336 KB

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Paragraph 1 (Council monitoring quarter 4), Paragraph 3 (Coronavirus update), Paragraph 4 (East Sussex Environment Strategy) and Paragraph 5 (Ashdown Forest Trust Fund)


15.1     Councillor Glazier moved the reserved paragraphs of the Cabinet’s report.


15.2     The motions were CARRIED after debate.


Report of the Governance Committee pdf icon PDF 186 KB

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Paragraph 4 (Health and Wellbeing Board terms of reference)


16.1     Councillor Glazier moved the adoption of the paragraph.


16.2     The following amendment moved by Councillor Lambert and seconded was LOST:


The County Council agrees to refer the terms of reference of the Health and Wellbeing Board back to the Governance Committee with a request that the Committee consider the allocation of the 4 County Councillor places on the Board being made on a politically proportionate basis


16.3     The motion moved by Councillor Glazier was ADOPTED after debate


Report of the Standards Committee pdf icon PDF 143 KB

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Paragraph 1 (Annul report)


17.1     Councillor Stogdon moved the reserved paragraph of the Standards Committee report.


17.2     The motion was CARRIED after debate.


Questions from County Councillors pdf icon PDF 143 KB

(a)  Oral questions to Cabinet Members

(b)  Written Questions of which notice has been given pursuant to Standing Order 44



Additional documents:


18.1     The following members asked questions of the Lead Cabinet Members indicated and they responded:






Councillor Rodohan

Councillor Claire Dowling

Request for reconsideration or postponement of the implementation of increased parking charges in Eastbourne Town Centre   


Councillor Godfrey Daniel

Councillor Claire Dowling

Possibility of review of decision to increase parking charges in Hastings


Councillor Stephen Shing

Councillor Claire Dowling

Use of Glyphosate on highways etc in East Sussex 


18.2     One written question was received from Councillor Field for the Lead Member for Resources. The question and answer are attached to these minutes. The Lead Member responded to a supplementary question.


Reports of the East Sussex Fire Authority pdf icon PDF 156 KB

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19.1     Members commented on paragraph 2 of the East Sussex Fire Authority’s report (April meeting).