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East Sussex Schools Forum

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Information about East Sussex Schools Forum

The purpose of the East Sussex Schools Forum is to:

·       advise the local authority on matters relating to the schools budget and on changes to the funding formula for schools; and

·       act as a mechanism for consultation between the local authority and partners with the Education Service on wider issues relating to education funding.

The full terms of reference of the Forum are set out in the East Sussex Constitution.

Membership of the East Sussex Schools Forum includes representatives of primary and secondary schools; academies; special schools; governors; the Pupil Referral Unit; and non-school members. The Lead Member for Education and Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disability (ISEND), and the Director of Children’s Services attend as observers.

The Department for Education issued updated guidance in September 2018 relating to Schools Forums which can be accessed via the following links (please note that they will open as PDFs or Word documents):

·       Operational and Good Practice Guide

·       Powers and Responsibilities

·       Structure